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2010 Mom social influencer report by


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Moms and social media influence report conducted by in 2010.

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2010 Mom social influencer report by

  1. 1. Learn more by contacting: Carlos Morales, Inside Sales Representative 646.487.6380 ext. 209 carlos.morales@babycenter.comSign up for our newsletter at the conversation at @MomInsights on Twitter
  2. 2. BabyCenter is the #1 pregnancy and parenting destination worldwide 7 out of 10 babies born in the U.S. are BabyCenter babiesIndustry LeadershipReaching 18.5 million expecting, new and experienced moms monthly in 22 markets; over 8million in the U.S. aloneTrusted ResourceNearly 3x more trusted than any other parenting and pregnancy siteRecommended nearly 2x more often than the closest competitorInfluentialMost popular social site for product recommendations among new and expectant momsMore than 3 out of 4 moms share information they find on BabyCenter with other momsCelebrated 2010 People’s Voice Webby Award in the Family/Parenting category Named a leader for providing valuable content in the 2010 Jack Myers Media Business Report Recognized by Advertising Age’s 2008 Digital A-ListSource: Parenting Media Landscape Study, May 2010; Research conducted by Decipher and commissioned by BabyCenter, amongU.S. pregnant women and moms with children 0 to 2 years old, age 18+; Internal logs, May 2010; CDC, 2008; AOL Webby Awards,2010; 2010 Jack Myers Media Business Report.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. BabyCenter’s social media ecosystem connects millions of moms every month… Mom-centric Community 2MM exchange information, support & advice on our social platform Expert advice with mom commentary They comment and socialize opinions on our 10,000+ expert editorial articles Entertainment with information Moms read half a million+ pages monthly on our MOMformation & FAMEbaby blogs Crowd sourcing 6MM moms crowd source parenting solutions on Mom Answers Mom recommendations Our most active moms voice product opinions through our Mom Squad sampling program Sharing their thoughts Our 85,000+ voice their opinions via the largest U.S. panel of moms Beyond We are a social experience beyond our URL …Allowing us to produce rich social media insights for marketersSource: Omniture, May 2010.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  4. 4. Social Media has become mass media for moms and marketers alike Mindset Matters: Moms use social sites differently Why? Shared experience Anonymity Content rich What does it mean? Bottom of the funnel marketing objectives are better met on blogs and vertical social networks.Source: 21st Century Mom™ Report: Social Mom, June 2009 with January 2010 update.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  5. 5. 2010 Mom Social Influencer Report 18% of moms account for 78% of the influence; but not all influencers are the same Methodology • Rich behavioral analysis, including comment frequency, photo uploads, group membership, journaling activity and number of friends, conducted among 500,000 members of the BabyCenter Community • In depth survey among 2,300 of the 500,000 members to add attitudinal data including social media use and attitudes, media use, recommendation behavior and demographics and psychographics. Survey conducted March 11 to March 20 2010 via email • Behavioral and attitudinal data combined at the user level to conduct a segmentation© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Meet the 5 Mom Social Segments Influencers Influenced Field Experts: 8% Butterflies: 16% SAHM with a topical focus on Young professionals who put the parenting who have done the social in social networking homework & are here to help Lifecasters: 8% The Audience: 66% Millennial moms always Expecting, new and connected & communicating experienced moms asking questions & listening Pros: 2% Mommy bloggers who turned their passion for social into a profession 3 influencer segments; 2 larger segments who are influenced Field Experts & Lifecasters are the most influential due to segment size and social activity© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  7. 7. Field Experts Defined SAHM with a topical focus on parenting Who she is? A young but experienced stay-at-home mom. Where you’ll find her? Sharing robust opinions and advice in parenting- focused social media like BabyCenter. What drives her to share? Many have faced a specific challenge. She shares her knowledge so others can benefit. What she’s sharing? Advice related to her area of expertise. She writes product reviews and forwards articles. Field Experts: Mindset matters Marketers should engage her in topical social media where moms come for practical advice and recommendations. Get samples into her hands to encourage conversation. Partner with vertical social sites who empower her with tools to share her wisdom. Tap into her passion to create groups, write reviews and testimonials of your product/service. Recognize her contributions through loyalty/star programs.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. Mom Squad Case Study How BabyCenter activates Field Experts More ways to activate Field Experts on BabyCenter: Support the motherhood journey through Mom Answers where Field Experts contribute to the collective wisdom of expecting, new and experienced moms at all different life-stages. Leverage Mom2Mom Insights Poll – a tool in BabyCenter Birth Clubs that gives Field Experts a way to a pass brand and product recommendations back to less experienced moms looking for advice.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  9. 9. Lifecasters Defined Always connected, always communicating Who she is? Millennial mom of young children, may be staying home temporarily. Where you’ll find her? Living out her life out in public on Facebook. Posting everyday events to her huge network of friends and interacting with MBFs on BabyCenter. What drives her to share? Strong need to stay connected and participate. Thrives on being recognized as an in-the-know, go-to person. What she’s sharing? A true maven, she shares anything she finds valuable or interesting. Writes lists of recommended products and posts deals. Lifecasters: Tap into Lifecasters to spread the word Activate Lifecasters on vertical social media like BabyCenter and enable them to broadcast on Facebook and Twitter to attain scale. Engage them as brand fans and advocates. Use lighter social programs (e.g. product wish lists, voting to generate brand mentions. Provide her with tools to encourage her Butterfly and Audience friends to engage in small but meaningful ways.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Milestones Case Study How BabyCenter activates Lifecasters • Tap into mom’s desire (and guilt) to capture and track milestones • Removes barriers by making the process simple and integrating reminders • Enables moms to share to Facebook • Marketers can target specific products to support and celebrate key milestones More ways to activate Lifecasters on BabyCenter: Start with BabyCenter Birth Announcements and speak to a Lifecaster’s specific life-stage needs as they create and share new baby news with their entire network of friends. Get your brand into the conversation – takeover a BabyCenter Community Group or Birth Club with momentum and scale.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  11. 11. Pros Defined Mommy bloggers who’ve turned their passion for social into a profession Who she is? Gen X mom with young children, self-employed. Where you’ll find her? Entertaining and educating large followings on Twitter and blogs, posting on a wide variety of topics with a distinct focus on product reviews. What drives her to share? Focus on thoughtful advice with an eye toward self-promotion. She is self-confident and loves giving advice. What she’s sharing? She does extensive research before making recommendations on a broad range of topics. Many have been paid or received free products to review. Pros: Publisher 2.0 Pros look at social media like a business. Marketers should treat them as freelance journalists. Develop 1-on-1 relationships with her and give her what she wants – respect, reputation, scale, and compensation. Don’t just provide her with samples to blog about. Develop innovative ways to engage her and her audience with your brand.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. Chevy Equinox Drive & Blog Case Study How BabyCenter activates Pros • BabyCenter mom blogger given a Chevy Equinox to test drive for 1 week • Blogged daily about her experience on “Car Connection” group • Group members responded with questions like features, gas mileage, safety More ways to activate Pros on BabyCenter: Launch a Twitter Party and amplify your brand through micro-blogging. Pros create buzz across their extensive network of friends and followers. Go beyond BabyCenter with our Mom Blogger Network – 50 approved mom bloggers ready to post about your new campaign, product or service.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  13. 13. Butterflies Defined Young professionals who put the social in social networking Who she is? Young professional expecting her first child. Where you’ll find her? Time compressed, she primarily enjoys social media to keep up with her many friends and be entertained. What drives her to share? Self-confident, she loves social gatherings. She has lots of friends online and in real life. She shares only important events. What she’s sharing? She tends to be on the receiving end of advice and recommendations on BabyCenter. Butterfly: She’s taking it all in With fewer brand perceptions formed and less time to research, this segment is a great target. Use influencer segments to reach affluent Butterflies with brand recommendations. Look for simple but meaningful ways for her to participate.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  14. 14. The Audience is the Mom Market Asking questions & listening A LARGE group: • 82 million mothers of all ages in the U.S. A powerful group: $2.1 trillion in yearly spending • 4.3 million births every year makes them important to marketers. Relying on social media: Motherhood is the #1 trigger for social activity in a woman’s life. Mass brand shifts: When they become moms • 73% change their brand criteria • 62% change the brands they buy The Audience: The Mom market Life transitions make the Audience open to mom-recommended products and brands. Her attention is fractured. Marketers lose 3 hours a day to talk with her when she becomes a mom. Build your social strategy around inflection points when they are seeking new relationships and information.Source: 21st Century Mom™ Report: Social Mom, June 2009 with January 2010 update.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.
  15. 15. Marketer’s Guide Social marketing to influencer moms Who How What • Experienced SAHM • Shares hard-earned • Empower her with robust • Focus on parenting knowledge on parent tools to share her wisdom: focused social media. Product samples, reviews, • Topic expert (e.g. potty • Deeper sharing: Product Q&A, and ratings. training, food) reviews, forwards articles • Reward her contributions Field Experts to others. through loyalty programs.Size: 8%; Influence: 33% • Millennial mom • Lives out her life in • Engage her through • True maven, shares public on Facebook. lighter methods like anything she finds valuable • Discussing w/ her MBFs tagging, voting, and brand and interesting on BabyCenter. fan groups. • Loves the recognition • Lighter sharing: Lists, • Use vertical social Lifecasters posts deals, friends networks to activate herSize: 8%; Influence: 34% brands. and Facebook and Twitter to attain scale. • Gen X mom • Pushes out valuable • Treat her as a freelance • Turned her passion for content to large networks journalist. social into a profession on Twitter & blogs. • Develop a 1-on-1 • Loves to help her audience • Often paid or receives free relationship with her and while promoting herself products to write reviews give her what she wants: Pros on her blog. Respect, reputation, scaleSize: 2%; Influence: 11% and even compensation.© BabyCenter LLC. Confidential. All Rights Reserved.