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The Opinionmeter handheld TouchPoint Tablet supports a full range of mobile technologies, providing a survey system with ultimate device flexibility. The handheld Tablet can be used as a standalone system or to supplement the TouchPoint Kiosk model.

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The SurveyManager

  1. 1. Finally, you can manage all your research<br />projects in one place!<br />Introducing:The SurveyManager<br />A Feedback Management Application<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  2. 2. SurveyManager<br />Opinionmeter’s SurveyManger lets you<br />Measure real-time ‘voice of the customer’ satisfaction feedback at the point- <br /> of- experience.<br /> Automate the delivery of customized ‘voice of the customer’ reports<br /> Segment ‘voice of the customer’ data for analysis<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  3. 3. SurveyManager<br />Opinionmeter Serves a Broad Spectrum of Industries<br />Workforce<br />Retail<br />Education<br />Transportation<br />Healthcare<br />Hospitality<br />Government<br />Financial<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  4. 4. SurveyManager<br />Author Once, Distribute Anywhere!<br />Opinionmeter’s Customer Satisfaction Market Research Tools<br />Capture Real-Time Customer Feedback through a wide-range of modalities<br /><ul><li> Survey Kiosks
  5. 5. Tablet Surveys
  6. 6. PDA Surveys
  7. 7. Web Surveys
  8. 8. Mobile Phone Surveys
  9. 9. Paper Surveys</li></ul>PRODUCTS<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  10. 10. SurveyManager<br />Make In-Store Customer Surveys Easier with free-standing Survey Kiosks<br /><ul><li> Real-time interactive feedback directly from a customer’s point of experience
  11. 11. Multimedia flexibility and digital signage
  12. 12. Customized survey reports in a variety of formats
  13. 13. Low-score satisfaction alerts receive instant attention</li></ul>BENEFITS<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  14. 14. SurveyManager<br />Mobile Tablet Surveys for Companies on the Move<br />The Opinionmeter handheld TouchPoint Tablet supports a full range of mobile technologies, providing a survey system with ultimate device flexibility. The handheld Tablet can be used as a standalone system or to supplement the TouchPoint Kiosk model. <br />TouchPoint Mobile Tablet Surveys Offer:<br /><ul><li> Ultimate mobility, battery-powered
  15. 15. Simple-to-use touch screen
  16. 16. Open-ended comments, on-screen keyboard
  17. 17. Multimedia—color video and graphics
  18. 18. Wireless and wired connectivity options
  19. 19. Multiple languages
  20. 20. Branching logic, skip patterns</li></ul>Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  21. 21. SurveyManager<br />Rapid Customer Satisfaction Surveys With PDA Handheld Devices<br />The Opinionmeter handheld TouchPoint supports a full range of mobile technologies, providing a survey system with ultimate device flexibility. The handheld TouchPoint can be used as a stand-alone system or to supplement the TouchPoint kiosk model. It can be passed to inpatients, airline passengers, diners, exhibitors, etc. to obtain their views without the need for them to walk to a kiosk.<br />Advantages:<br /><ul><li> Supports PDA, UMPC and tablet devices
  22. 22. Easily modified – download new or
  23. 23. Revised questions downloaded anytime
  24. 24. Multiple choice, select all that apply,
  25. 25. Open-ended question types
  26. 26. Multilingual survey capability</li></ul>Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  27. 27. SurveyManager<br />Get Quick Customer Feedback with Online Web Surveys<br />Easy-to-use SurveyManager Design Wizard lets you:<br /><ul><li> Create complex and branched Web or device-enabled surveys
  28. 28. Create your own survey or use the resource libraries of questions & response types
  29. 29. Segment surveys for different demographics quickly and easily</li></ul>Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  30. 30. SurveyManager<br />Distribute Surveys Directly to Customers Anywhere,<br />Anytime with Mobile Phone Surveys<br />With Mobile Phone Surveys, you can:<br /><ul><li> Build mobile feedback communities using customers’ own phones
  31. 31. Invite loyal users to participate in feedback studies
  32. 32. Capture feedback with or without a signal
  33. 33. Personalize the survey experience</li></ul>Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  34. 34. SurveyManager<br />Integrated Survey Scanning Transforms Paper Surveys<br />into Web-based Reports<br />With Opinionmeter’s Paper Surveys:<br /><ul><li> Create surveys in SurveyManager and print survey forms</li></ul> on plain paper<br /><ul><li> Scan completed survey forms using integrated Remark</li></ul> Software<br /><ul><li> Analyze results & customize reports in SurveyManager</li></ul>Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  35. 35. SurveyManager<br />SurveyManager Provides Everything You Need To Manage Onsite<br />And Online Customer Satisfaction Feedback Programs<br />SurveyManager’s intuitive interface handles all management tasks<br /> Monitor & manage all aspects of your customer satisfaction survey campaigns<br /> Simple and easy to use<br /> Automatically compiles the real-time data and transforms it to actionable reports<br /> Web-based: No software needed to install SurveyManager<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  36. 36. SurveyManager<br />SurveyManager Report Features<br />Standard Summary Reports<br />Where standard satisfaction responses are requested, across a number of questions, charts similar to this can be produced.<br />Customer satisfaction scores<br />Top box or top two box scores can be calculated based on question comparison or over time.<br />Automated Reporting templates<br />For more information about Automated Reporting templates, please click the link below.<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  37. 37. SurveyManager<br />SurveyManager Report Features<br />Customize graphs & charts within reports<br />The Cross tabulation option also provides a series of filters. Data can be filtered by date, time or any particular answer. These filters can be used in combination.<br />Assessing Change Over Time – trend analysis<br />Historical data can be used to monitor the effectiveness of change programmes. The survey data will not only identify problem areas but also investigate whether operational changes have the desired impact.<br />Unlimited cross tabulation filtering<br />Cross tabulations can assist in assessing different buying patterns of customers.<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  38. 38. SurveyManager<br />SurveyManager Report Features<br />Comparing Locations – relative location performance<br />Compare location performance to determine how each location is performing relative to the others.<br />Assessing Variations During a Day<br />A simple bar chart may show that the average levels of service are satisfactory.<br />Filtering: Segmenting customers<br />Filtering data allows the responses of different sectors of customer to be assessed. Ultimately this is powerful information, which highlights specific needs and concerns of sectors and sub sectors of customers.<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  39. 39. SurveyManager<br />Trend Analysis<br />Filtering: Segmenting Customers<br />Unlimited Cross Tabulation Filtering<br /> Variations During a Day<br />Relative Local Performance<br />Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />
  40. 40. SurveyManager<br />Interesting Facts about Opinionmeter<br /><ul><li> Founded in 1970 by Bob Strickland
  41. 41. Awarded patent for first automated survey kiosk
  42. 42. First software was called Opinion Analyzer
  43. 43. Migrated to PC, Web, standard hardware platforms when introduced
  44. 44. Opinion Analyzer renamed SurveyManager in late 1990s
  45. 45. Focus moved to software development for maximum device independence in </li></ul> 2005<br /><ul><li> Opinionmeter continues evolving using state-of-the-art technology</li></ul>Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER<br />