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Introduction to the institute of technological empowerment

  1. The Institute of Technological Empowerment Professor Opher Etzion “If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.” ― Will Smith
  2. 2 The Institute of Technological Empowerment is a societal- academic initiative aimed to empower populations in the Israeli periphery and developing countries using advanced technologies The institute’s activity is based on: multi-disciplinary research, implementation of projects in the field, and education program – both academic and popular
  3. 3 Israel is known as high-tech state However, in Israel there are gaps in technology use over geographies and populations The combination of the abilities in Israel, the short distances within Israel, and the Israeli cooperative mentality makes Israel an ideal lab for technological empowerment in developing countries Yezreel Valley College is the right place due to its location and mission
  4. 4 The Technological Empowerment Institute stand on three legs The research leg: multi-disciplinary research that focuses on making high technologies, especially based on Internet of Things, accessible and personalized for target populations The implementation leg: realization of projects by students and technology partners to implement the stated goals The education leg: through education establish technological leadership in the region, which can serve as a model for developing countries
  5. 5 Example: Personalized aides for elderly to maintain independent life Motion sensor Door sensor Chair Sensor Voice Sensor Alert family member Alerts example: Door was not locked within 2 minutes after entrance Falling event detected Vocal distress detected No motion for certain time period detected While much technology exists, it is not widely used. It needs to be more personalized, more affordable, and much simpler… The research required is multi-disciplinary: Technology oriented, human oriented, economic oriented and particular domain oriented
  6. 6 On Personalization The industrial revolution opened the era of mass production, variety depends on the economy of scale. Current technology such as Internet of Things provides the opportunity to enable everybody to create their own systems. This requires multi-disciplinary effort.
  7. 7 Major tool: senior project of students in YVC, other Israeli academic programs, and developing countries (including mixed teams). Based on infrastructure of hardware and software that will be contributed by technology partners The projects will be synergetic with the research activities Each project will generate a prototype that will be tested in the field. The aspiration is to productize each project by start-ups, technology partners, or the institute’s staff.
  8. 8 Initial areas for projects: Agriculture: with an eye to developing countries Aging population: independent living, assisting nursing house caretakers, quality of life activities nursing People with disabilities: aides for blind people and more Smart cities and government in the periphery: waste management Traditional industries: TBD
  9. 9 Major aim: technology leadership in the northern part of Israel. Through academic programs – existing and additional ones Through educating the community – in all ages and becoming a center of gravity for knowledge in the area Working together with other peripheries in the universe.
  10. 10 Creating academic partnership with researchers from various disciplines and domain experts Creating partnership with technology companies: using technologies and technology transfer Creating partnership with non profit organizations that can provide mission and guidance Creating partnership with potential benefactors of our activities
  11. 11 Goals for the first period Establishment of the institute: building the infrastructure and partnerships, and establishing the steering and advisory committees Posing the initial set of research challenges, and establishing international teams to work towards these challenged Execution of at least six projects, within at least three academic institutes, at least one in a developing country Last but not least: raising seed money for the institute and the various activities.
  12. 12 My main motivation is to use the experience and knowledge I have accumulated over the years to make a better world