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OR Clock - Innovation Wireless


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Specification Devices in Emergency Areas

In today's modern-day emergency clinic time management is especially vital in aiding hurt or sick people in a time of requirement. Modern medicine possesses established a variety of medical devices that is standard practice in every medical emergency situation operating room.

Today's fast paced operating rooms have very educated and skilled medical doctors, registered nurses as well as orderlies in order to help clients as quickly as possible. By dealing with a patient when possible in an emergency could potentially save their life.

It is crucial to have a hospital emergency clinic as well as running rooms to be furnished with all the clinical tools that is needed to alleviate the individual successfully with the finest of treatment.

The hospitals obligation is to offer it personnel with the very best clinical tools to identify as well as alleviate the client conveniently and painlessly as promptly possible.

Time management is emergency scenarios has turned into one of the vital factors in helping the individual survive the injury or injury. That why numerous Operating rooms and also emergency clinic have a healthcare facility matter down timer. The operating room timers assist plan and assist in treatments.

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OR Clock - Innovation Wireless

  1. 1. Questions? Call Us! 888-559-5565 Analog Countdown Timers offer convenience and flexibility. Can be located anywhere applicable. 3 button switch control provides simplistic count-up/count-down functionality, and displays Month, Day, Date when not in timer mode. Learn more. Analog LCD Countdown Timer 16″ (40.64cm) Black Standard Part # 220001LT – Battery converted by
  2. 2. Dial Options: Additional Custom Logo Designs Available Features Request A Quote Request Information Our analog LCD Countdown Timer has a clear easy to view LCD digital panel on the dial face that is controlled by a switch panel. The analog dial face can be either in a 12 hour format or a 24 hour format. The 24 hour format is ideal for hospital environment where time is charted in a 24 hour format. The combination of this analog clock and timer is available in a 16″ black standard casing or a 13″ brushed aluminum casing. The performance and operation of both styles is identical. The switch controller is separate from the actual clock. It is tethered to the clock with a wire. The controller has three buttons; set, start and stop. These simple to use buttons will activate the timer. When the 13″ (30.02cm) Brushed Aluminum Part # 510006LT – Battery Standard Arabic 12/60 Part # SA60 Standard Millitary 12/24 Part # SM24 Solid, Durable Casing Polycarbonate and Glass Lens Easily Viewable LCD Displays Month, Date, Day Count-Up/Count-Down Modes Battery Operated (2 D-Cell) Automatically Adjust for DST Maintenance Free converted by
  3. 3. Get a Quick Quote Testimonial We had been considering this upgrade for several years, and finally implementing it has made a huge difference in the functioning of "ON TIME" events throughout the school. Ray Erickson - Facilities Mgr. Complete Quotation Request Information Request Product Trial Request Technical Specifications Resources timer is not activated the LCD displays the day, date and month. If the timer is activated in the countdown mode the digital display panel will show the remaining time. In the count up mode the digital display will show the elapsed time. The clock is part of the KRONOsync master clock system. The system is a wireless system and the 467 MHz transmitter is the brains of the system. The transmitter will broadcast the time code throughout a customer’s facilities creating a matrix type coverage area that allows you to install a clock any place any time. Many customers will mix and match clocks combining other sync clocks with countdown timers or other Innovation Wireless products such as our message boards. With our system you are able to combine both timing and communication products and operate them on the same frequency. The analog portion of the timer will display accurate time because it receives accurate GPS or NTP from the transmitter. The transmitter’s time source can either be from GPS or from NTP (Network Time Protocol). Whatever time sources you decide both are easy to install and no maintenance or upkeep is required. The transmitter will broadcast the time code from either time source. The receiver module on the LCD analog timer will pick up the time and the analog portion will display the time. The LCD panel which displays the countdown or count up information is 1.375″ by 4″ on the 13″ brushed aluminum framed clock and 1.75″ by 5″ on the 16″ ABS framed clock. These LCD panels provide for able viewing from a respectable distance and angle. If you are looking for a software controlled countdown timer we offer this in our IP – POE Communication System. The one item that you must determine is how far the switch controller will sit with respect to the placement of the clock. It is best to use a typical LAN cable to connect the controller to the clock. We do not provide the cable do to the various lengths that customers may need. Our sales and customer service department is willing and able to assist you in putting a wireless synchronized master clock system at your facility. Please call us at 888-559-5565 to see if our products can help you accomplish your goals. converted by
  4. 4. RESOURCES About Blog Contact Products Spec Room Videos Sitemap Media Media Kit Press Releases ADMINISTRATIVE Privacy Terms Of Service MARKETS K-12 School Bell Systems K-12 School Clock Systems Universities Healthcare Industrial Business Government PRODUCTS KRONOsync Transmitter Wireless Public Address System Public Address Wireless Speakers Standard Clocks Brushed Aluminum Clocks Solid Wood Clocks Digital Display LED Clocks Digital Display LCD Clocks Digital LED Countdown Timer Analog LCD Countdown Timer Digital Message Boards Solar Clocks POE Control Software Tone Generator & Bell Accessories 888-559-5565 Innovation Wireless 5306 Beethoven St., Suite 101 Los Angeles, Ca. 90066 Copyright © 2010-2016 Innovation Wireless. All rights reserved. All Innovation Wireless marks contained herein are trademarks of Innovation Wireless and/or its affiliated companies. Product Data Sheet Product Specifications converted by