First grandchild


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Congratulations on a first grandchild

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First grandchild

  1. 1. Just heard the news – Mazel Tov! A new baby is more fun than a day at the beach or a Beatles pillow fight.
  2. 2. I bet you are really excited! That is a big piece of news to digest.
  3. 3. As you start this new adventure as grandparents, you will probably find that it is deeply satisfying for both of you
  4. 4. You may hope for a boy. You may hope for a girl. One thing is certain – the sexes are not equally complicated
  5. 5. As you know, baby care can be tiring, like scuba soccer. But you’ve done this before and I’m sure that you will measure up
  6. 6. Babies grow up fast. Too fast. Probably Stu should get his act together and dust off his camera for some pictures when the time comes.
  7. 7. We are so glad that you’ve broken the ice on this news. Congratulations again!