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Newsletter 9


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Newsletter 9

  1. 1. Volume: 1 Issue: 9 Date 25th January, 2013 Standard Work According to a survey, inefficient warehouse management wastes 3,000 hours each year Inventory management was reported as the most challenging source of lost time and inefficiencies, as well as an area where it would be easiest to gain cost savings through technology. Responses from 250 supply chain, warehouse and distribution managers were compiled to show that individual workers lose approximately 15 minutes each day due to less-than-optimal warehouse management processes. What can be done about it? Benetton unites with Greenpeace to detox supply chain United Colors of Benetton has become the latest high-profile fashion brand to promise to detox its supply chain, agreeing to kick off the process this year by Supply chain management reporting on the release of hazardous chemicals.Benetton Group, which also and logistics publication - owns Sisley and Playlife, announced last week it would eliminate releases of hazardous chemicals throughout its entire global supply chain by 2020. Reliance Industries plans to consolidate all its retail units under a single Read about –Shigeo Shingo entity He is known for the concept The company has initiated a process to club all its eight independent retailing poka-yoke - a Japanese companies such as apparel chain Reliance Trends and consumer electronics term that means "fail- chain Reliance Digital under grocery chain Reliance Fresh, in a bid to remove safing" or "mistake- administrative glitches and increase synergies and efficiencies among various proofing". He was businesses. a Japanese industrial engineer who distinguished How tech is powering Spencers supply chain himself as one of the The retail industry is very dynamic, with constant changes and geographical world’s leading experts on differences in the market. How does supply chain help in such a scenario? manufacturing practices Mohit Kampani, CEO of Spencers Retail Ltd elaborates on how supply chain and the Toyota Production helps Spencers Retail to manage the dynamic markets of the retail industry System.Upcoming Competitions for Operations & Supply Chain Enthusiasts.  Bar-O-Bistro  Teguchi  Nut-O-Cracker  Ran-Neeti  Single Slide Challenge