Newsletter 11


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Newsletter 11

  1. 1. Volume: 1 Issue: 11 Date 13th March, 2013 The seven wastes – Lean Hero MotoCorps workers, management struggle to find middle ground manufacturing As workers and the Hero MotoCorp management struggle to reach a middle ground, the Gurgaon-Manesar cluster is closely watching the outcome of wage discussions between the workers union and the management at Hero Motocorp. How the talks conclude, will have implications on the entire industrial belt. Companies in the region have expressed fears of a Faridabad-like scenario that will make the region a high-wages island. What BPOs are dumping low cost model for With Indias BPOs remodeling themselves to move from efficiency (low costs) to effectiveness (taking on more strategic work and delivering them Designing the right Supply from locations most suited to such work), the sector is beginning to outpace Chain When a company’s the software services business. In the coming fiscal, the sector is expected to supply chain capabilities are grow faster than the IT sector. directly aligned with its enterprise strategy, the Chinas Beijing Auto expects to double car sales by 2015, by relying on their results tend to be superior strong supply chain management. performance and a strong Chinas Beijing Automotive Group aims to more than double annual sales market position. Read more.. by 2015, gaining momentum from mid-market to high-end cars and greener "new energy" vehicles owing to the ability to develop core components for clean-energy vehicles, and also having own supply chain. Work Order Management Fed to buy bonds from more dealers under pilot program streamlines daily operations for companies In business, The Federal Reserve will buy bonds from a larger group of broker-dealers it’s important to keep under a one-year pilot program meant to strengthen the US central banks facilities running smoothly direct involvement in financial markets. Under the pilot, the New York Fed and efficiently so that daily will widen that supply chain so that up to five more smaller dealers can operations don’t detract from compete for the business, and so that it can augment "operational capacity the company’s core and resiliency in its monetary policy operations." purpose. Read more..STRIVE LAUNCHED – ROLE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN OPERATIONS AND SUPPLY CHAINThis issue of Strive was released on the 8th of February, during the Entrepreneurship summit (Enspirit ’13). The issuehas articles on “Trends in Automotive Industry” by Mr. Srinivasan, CIO, TVS Infotech and an interview with Mr.Praveen Sinha, Co-founder and Managing Director, Prof. Sumeet Gupta writes on “RFID in IndianRetail Sector”. Also student contributions on CFPR, EAM , IT and Leagile Supply Chain are also present.