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Break out session-Univention-OXS13


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The authoritative source for identities in most organizations today is Microsoft Active Directory. To build comprehensive offerings for these organizations, cloud service providers (CSPs) not only have to support Active Directory, but also need to completely shadow it to the cloud in a secure and controllable way.
This makes it possible to become the new central point for access control to applications inside and external to the realm of CSPs and brings them into the ideal position to sell additional services, which are already integrated into the customers IDM. It even makes it possible to offer cloud-based replacements for on premise domain controllers.
With Windows Azure Active Directory, Microsoft is going exactly this route. Outside Windows Azure, Univention offers the a powerful platform including services compatible to Microsoft Active Directory, a comprehensive set of applications like OX App Suite and support for 3rd party SaaS Applications like Salesforce.

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Break out session-Univention-OXS13

  1. 1. Identity-Management, the key for Hybrid Clouds Peter Ganten, 09/26/2013
  2. 2. - Univention: – One Product: Univention Corporate Server (UCS) – Self-owned company, 40 employees – 190 partners – Producing 100% Open Source Software About myself Founder and MD Univention / Chairman OSB Alliance 2 | OX Summit 2013: Peter Ganten, Univention, Identity-Management and Hybrid Clouds
  3. 3. - Manage IT infrastructure and services - Platform for Enterprise Apps with powerful App Center - 8 years in the market - 900 customers, constantly growing - Market leader in DACH Univention Corporate Server (UCS) The easy to use, cost-efficient and popular alternative to Microsoft‘s server solutions 3 | OX Summit 2013: Peter Ganten, Univention, Identity-Management and Hybrid Clouds
  4. 4. - No internal IT infrastructure to integrate, quick wins possible - Small customers often expect low price and low quality - See also survey conducted by Microsoft1: – The number of very small (<11 users) cloud (SaaS) customers will tripple until 2014 – It will double for small customers (11 – 26 users) – And grow significantly slower with medium sized enterprises 1: Cloud-based OX today Most customers are very, very small (<5 users), some are very small (<10 users), only a few are small (<50 users) 4 | OX Summit 2013: Peter Ganten, Univention, Identity-Management and Hybrid Clouds
  5. 5. - Larger customers need – Higher quality of service – professionally managed security, backup etc. – professional support – Integration with existing infrastructure - They know what they can save and are willing to pay more! But … There is a huge market beyond very, very small businesses
  6. 6. - Typically run a Microsoft Windows Domain (even if Microsoft SBS is discontinued) - Use a bunch of on premise applications - Might want to use cloud services from different providers - Require a central management of users, roles and rights - Tend to use IaaS (fasted growing cloud segment according to Gartner) Medium sized customers have a little more complex requirements
  7. 7. - Typically this means Active Directory integration – Google Apps Directory Sync – Windows Azure Active Directory Snyc Tool – Others provide federation through SAML - But SMEs cant‘t handle the compexity of many cloud integration on their own IDM integration is essential Cloud based services for medium sized companies must offer integration with customer‘s IDM systems 7 | OX Summit 2013: Peter Ganten, Univention, Identity-Management and Hybrid Clouds
  8. 8. - Measure which (external) Apps are in use by your customers - Make your own offerings, already integrated with the customer‘s IDM – You already have a business relationsship with the customer - Even provide Active Directory Services – To integrate Windows based Apps in the cloud – As a complete solution extensible with sattelite boxes. A huge opportunity To become the trusted IDM source and let services from other providers connect to this source
  9. 9. - A cloud based directory - A reliable connection to the customer‘s Active Directory – Should support R/O-mode and selective replication - A scalable architecture - Integration and SSO for 3rd Party Apps – SAML ist the standard - An easy-to-use marketplace to add and integrate Apps - That is, what Microsoft and Google are building So, what is needed?
  10. 10. - Reliable directory service with API, CLI and powerful Web GUI - Connector to Microsoft Active Directory - Scalable domain conecpt - An App Center with well-integrated Apps like OX - SAML identity provider - Intergated Active Directory services based on Samba 4 It‘s available today! Univention provides this as an Open Source Solution for implementation at your site
  11. 11. - Supports on premises roles too (replicas, backups, local file services etc.) - Has been recommended by germanies most repsected computer magazine c‘t as the prefered solution to migrate from Microsoft SBS - Offers the best Open-Xchange integration - Is in use today with many small customers - And large customers (with > 100.000 uers, hundreds of server instances and locations) Univention Corporate Server
  12. 12. - Give users complete control, which objects and attributes can be seen at which site - Make changes at any site - Research project, excited to leverage the results into our product Outlook: Project SATCLOUD Objective: provide selective multimaster replication between different sites
  13. 13. Thank you for your time & Stop by the Scality Demopoint