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Break out session-Telecom Italia-OXS13


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Telecom Italia strategy on SaaS and PaaS, based on the right mixture of broadband traditional services, innovative solution “as-a-service” and professional services, to help SMBs to move safely in the cloud.

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Break out session-Telecom Italia-OXS13

  1. 1. God Morning SMBs! I’m Telecom Italia Cloud, How may I help You? Vincenzo Riccardi
  2. 2. Story-line The scope of the speech is to explain, giving some figures on cloud market, how TI is facing SaaS market. The gotomarket strategy is based on the right mixture of: ‐ broadband traditional services ‐ professional services ‐ innovative SaaS (the Open‐Xchange Summit 2013 is the right place) to help SMBs to move safely in the cloud.
  3. 3. The CEO and the Cloud (A parable) What do you mean by cloud computing? 3 | OX Summit 2013: ((speaker co. name; presentation title Something to Internet Something connected to Internet Desktop as a Service On‐line  Data StoreI’ve never use IT Email in  Datacenter Email in  your Datacenter A virtual server Something to Internet Something connected to Internet Desktop as a Service On‐line  Data StoreI’ve never use IT Email in  Datacenter Email in  your Datacenter A virtual server
  4. 4. Public Cloud forecast in ItalyDescription 4 € mln Analysts Agree on the trend Analysts disgree on the figures
  5. 5. There is a big ISSUE on taxonomy! Taxonomy is usefull only to speak between operators! The Customer: «Taxonomy? Who care!»
  6. 6. Public Cloud Market: WW, WE and ItalyDescription 7
  7. 7. Cloud Market in Italy: Clustered by Provider 200,8  230,1  270,7  319,5  363,0  411,8  146,1  158,5  172,2  193,8  224,7  259,6  72,2  86,7  103,9  116,9  132,1  148,8  53,9  68,3  84,2  100,0  118,7  138,6  21,1  28,0  34,6  44,1  58,2  72,0  15,0  18,5  24,0  31,2  40,1  50,4  10,2  19,8  32,3  45,3  ‐ 200,0  400,0  600,0  800,0  1.000,0  1.200,0  2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E MSP Distributori, VAR e Dealer Over the Top Systems Integrator ISV Nazionali Internet Companies IT Companies Telcos CAGR 12‐15 37,7% 64,5% 27,9% 27,6% 18,1% 12,7% 14,7% 15,0% 8 Febbraio 2013 mln euro
  8. 8. IaaS Services in Italy: clustered by Provider CAGR 12‐15 27,7% 48,8% 51,3% 36,4% 23,4% 10,7% 9,8% 13,1% 160,9  184,0  210,9  243,5  273,6  305,4  93,9  97,0  101,8  110,1  121,5  134,7  40,8  43,7  47,6  52,7  58,6  64,5  16,0  20,5  24,3  29,6  38,0  45,8  5,9  7,6  10,4  14,7  20,0  26,3  16,5  24,4  32,3  2,2  2,7  3,6  5,5  8,3  11,8  ‐ 100,0  200,0  300,0  400,0  500,0  600,0  2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E 2015E ISV Nazionali MSP Distributori, VAR e Dealer Over the Top Systems Integrator Internet Companies IT Companies Telcos 9 mln euro
  9. 9. Telecom Italia
  10. 10. 11 Group’s business unit and main brands Italia Brasile Media Argentina Olivetti
  11. 11. International Footprint 12 Latin America: Brazil and Argentina International Wholesale ServicesItaly TI Sparkle is a leading global service provider, providing  Voice, IP and Data solutions for fixed‐line and mobile  operators, ISPs and multinational corporations (MNCs) 31.7 million TIM lines in Italy, 72.2 million TIM Brasil customers  6.9 million retail broadband customers in Italy 13.5 million retail connections to the fixed network in Italy 4.1 million fixed lines, 1.6 million bb accesses,  19.3 million mobile lines in Argentina  2.4 million mobile lines in Paraguay  The Group’s key numbers in the first half 2013
  12. 12. Technology is the Main Enabler  Expand Customer Base through FMS  Pursue High Potential in  Mobile BB Penetration  Continue Network Evolution  Capture Data Wave, while Optimizing  Capex  Further Build on our Market Share and  our Fixed and Mobile Platforms  Enlarge Network Capacity  Support Premium Position on Mobile  to boost BB Revenues  Fully Grasp the High Data Demand  of the Country  Stabilize Revenues  Defend Market Share on Traditional through Quality of Service  Grow on Innovative Services leveraging on both Access and Applications  Services  Encompass Regulatory and Technology  Developments in  UBB Plans Further opportunities in  the  4th largest Mobile Market  Enhance our  Revenue Leadership Leveraging on our  Unique Infrastructure  Italy  Brazil  Argentina Upgrade Network Capex for Growing Data Demand Strengthen Position on Cloud Services  (reinforcing IaaS, building PaaS and SaaS) 2013-15: Pervasive Innovation in all Countries & Services
  13. 13. The Local Operator Develops the local Go TO MARKET Strategy ENTREPRISE SME SME Telecom Italia Group Local Operator (Tier 2 -3) Reseller Sparkle Olivetti Accenture Telecom Argentina TIM Brasil IaaS Storage CPU Operating  System PaaS Unified  Communication Mobile Device  management Virtual PBX … …. SaaS Syndicated Hosted and TI  Solutions Platform  as a Service Telco OrientedCloud Services Professional Services: Competence Centre Customer Support Connectivity Network  OFFER Investment Optimization Revenue Sharing Model Core Business  Protection New Lines  of Business Cloud Business Model B2B2C Telecom  Italia Sales  Channel
  14. 14. 15 Sales Channel and Porfolio 1.720.000 Customers1.720.000 Customers Top &  PAC  215  Customers Strategic Private&Public 1.000 Customers Large Private&Public 9.300 Customers Medium Enterprise 14.000 Customers in defense Small Enterprise 1.700.000 Clienti DIRECT CHANNELINDIRECT CHANNEL 234 KAM 319 Area Manager 145 Senior Account (104k Customers in defense)   95 Sales Agencies (1.500 Sales Agent)  60 VAR (100 sales Agent)  350 ITIS  3.000 Impresa semplice Shops  10 Call Center  1 Web Portal
  15. 15. 16 (*) dato relativo ai soli Data Center Nazionali Main Information  Datacenter geographic distribution National Data Center Regionale Service Centers Tot System rooms Net surface Production System rooms (used) TLC System rooms (used) DR System Rooms (used) Electrical Power Installed Server / active managed Managed Equivalent Server MIPS installed(*) Storage (*) Used Storage (*) Backup Transf/month(*)  Backup average use/month (*)  Employes mq mq (mq) mq (mq) mq (mq) MW 7 4 11 127 34.176 30.155 (22.932) 2.295 (1.850) 1.725 (1.492) 47,8 22.829 15.432 32.501 7.570 16.824 10.774 10.553 15.864 236 TB TB TB TB Centri Servizi  Regionali Data Center Nazionali IDC Cesano Maderno IDC Rozzano DC Bologna DC Padova DC  Bari IDC  Pomezia Palerm o Firenze Torino Napoli DC Oriolo Romano Campus  Metropolitano NO Data Center: some figures
  16. 16. God Morning SMBs! I’m Telecom Italia Cloud, How may I help You? It isn’t the right question! God Morning SMBs! How may I help You to concentrate on YOUR CORE BUSINESS!! I’m Telecom Italia We’ve the best connectivity! We have the best professional services! and we have the best SaaS Partners!
  17. 17. Thank you for your time & Stop by the Scality Demopoint
  18. 18. Differential Cloud Market TrendsDescription Telecom Italia Confidential 19 La crescita del Public Cloud in Italia mostra un certo ritardo rispetto alle altre economie (cresciamo l’8% in meno dei Paesi più evoluti). Viceversa nelle economie emergenti, anche in virtù di una condizione iniziale di più bassa informatizzazione e quindi minori legacy, la crescita del Public Cloud è molto più vivace mostrando tassi di sviluppo dell’ordine del 25-30%. Oltre alle “solite” India, Cina, Russia e Brasile, emergono nello scenario europeo Turchia e Polonia, mentre molto promettenti sono i tassi di crescita attesi in Argentina e Brasile
  19. 19. NGN  Backbone Copertura Capilllarità Servizi ASSETS NEXT GENERATION DATA CENTER NETWORKING VIRTUAL DATA CENTER NETWORK CENTRI SERVIZI DATA CENTER Shared Virtualized Architecture Control Room IT SOC NOC CNA 7 DC Nazionali Cloud Computing: gli asset distintivi di Telecom Italia
  20. 20. Valori in € mln Drill down Cloud Public and Virtual Private in ItalyDescription Telecom Italia Confidential 21 835,1 982,7 1.144,4 1.343,9 CAGR 2013‐2016 TOTALE CLOUD 11,3% 6,7% 39,4% 25,5% 43,6% 20,3% 17,2% Le componenti di Cloud Public presentano tassi di crescita più sostenuti rispetto alle componenti Virtual Private che viceversa, almeno nella parte Infrastrutturale, rappresentano ancora un forte contributo al valore assoluto delle revenues. Elaborazioni MKT su dati SIRMI
  21. 21. Cloud Computing…le preoccupazioni da sfatare!! 22 «Il nostro business non è adatto al cloud…» «Il Cloud è una moda che passa…» «Il Cloud non è sicuro…» «Non c'è trasparenza...» «Non offre abbastanza controllo…» «Non si integra con i sistemi  esistenti…» «Violazione della Privacy...» «Se la Rete non è disponibile...» «Perdita dei dati...» «Continuità nell’erogazione del servizio...»
  22. 22. Complessità Progettuale Completezzaeflessibilitàdell’offering Hosting Enterprise Self Data Center Complex  Outsourcing Custom Projects DC in a box Parallel NGDC – Vmware based AnyTech. Unmanaged(*) ManagedServ. WebHosting, Virtual Hosting Infrastructure OutsourcingOff.ta IaaS Offering