Break out session-SpamExperts-OXS13


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During this presentation SpamExperts' CTO Dreas van Donselaar will dive into the integration topic from both a general standpoint and more specific to the recent OX App Suite developments. Advantages of GUI integration versus seamless "transparent" integration will be brought discussed, the audience will be invited to share their vision on what the future will bring.

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Break out session-SpamExperts-OXS13

  1. 1. To GUI or not to GUI email security cloud integration in OX Dreas van Donselaar, CTO, SpamExperts
  2. 2. Agenda 1. About SpamExperts 2. The problem of spam… and a solution 3. Hostnet case study 4. OX integration possibilities 5. Conclusions 2 | OX Summit 2013: SpamExperts’ Email Security Cloud Integration
  3. 3. About SpamExperts (and myself) Safety first! – Email security – HQ Amsterdam – Process over 1 billion messages/month Focus on webhosts! In the cloud or on premises Integration with OX 3 Archiving Outbound Inbound
  4. 4. I don’t have a spam problem! Or is your staff used to it by now… 5 ~90% of all email traffic is spam Spammers are still getting rich (and convicted)! Many webhosts still use in-house systems (SpamAssassin) free  software maintenance  costs server  resources higher churn loss of  money
  5. 5. Technology may be similar, but we have data! We live email, resource/performance optimizations Easy integration with your provisioning and billing Added-value by offering more options Why SpamExperts adds value Not just for you, but also for your SMB clients 6 Automatic  feeds Manual  feeds Data  exchanges
  6. 6. • Largest webhost in The Netherlands • Hosting environment • ~200k domains • Professional email services • Open‐Xchange Premium • Microsoft Exchange “…..SpamExperts has fully optimized our e‐mail security.  The  SpamExperts redundant, scalable and synchronized Local Cloud  currently is filtering our inbound‐ and outbound e‐mail traffic, and  enabled us to focus on our core business again…..” Hostnet – SpamExperts customer since 2010 Let me show you! Case study Hostnet 7 Plesk POA
  7. 7. Their goal – Minimize (implementation) costs, no per-user billing – Increase customer satisfaction – Find opportunities to make money Deployment – Free filtering for all domains Problem solving Case study Hostnet 8 PLESK SE  ADDON NO  SPAM POA SE  ADDON NO  SPAM
  8. 8. The solution Case study Hostnet 9 Helpdesk Reduced  complaints Improved  deliverability Sysadmin Eliminated  continuous  tuning Abuse control Servers Reduced  hardware  resources Improved  infrastructure  logic Money Reduced  churn Upsell features
  9. 9. Upsell moving closer to the client Start adding value-added products Future outlook 10 Website upsell POA upsell OX upsell
  10. 10. Upselling/provisioning – Users like to be in their communication environment – Users dislike to figure out hosting control panels Choices and flexibility – GUI (App Suite) versus non-GUI (seamless) Market trend What OX is bringing us Focus on end-user instead of technician 11 cPanel OX SE ? WHMCS OX SE ? POA OX SE ?
  11. 11. OX GUI integration approach 12
  12. 12. OX seamless integration approach 13
  13. 13. SpamExperts on premise Local Cloud cost: – Inbound filtering (10k domains): EUR 675 Outbound filtering (10k domains): EUR 340 Email archiving (500GB storage): EUR 50 Total monthly: EUR 1.065 Monthly per domain: EUR 0,11 Upsell: – Filtering: EUR 4 domain/month Control panel access: EUR 1 domain/month Archiving: EUR 1 user/month Pricing sample 10.000 domain webhost 14
  14. 14. Differentiate yourself, add additional services To GUI or not to GUI? – The upcoming marketplaces give you choice – Add value for your clients, in your own style Cloud power! We’re in 2013. – External SaaS, Hosted Clouds – Internal SaaS, Local Clouds Conclusions
  15. 15. Thank you for your time & Any questions, shoot! Contact me: