Webinar by OpenXcell Technolabs: Impacts of iOS 7 on App Marketers and Developers


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The Webinar includes current statistics & forecast of mobile app market as whole. It shows the benefits and challanges of iOS 7 with respect to its new designs and features.The Webinar was hosted by OpenXcell Technolabs Pvt. Ltd a leading iPhone app development and android app development company. Topics like forecast of mobile app market, impact of iOS 7 on app marketing and effect of price change on iPhone apps were explained by Mr. Vinod Sanadhya (Marketing Manager at OpenXcell Technolabs) and issues like benefits and challenges of iOS 7 including the ways to move with the change were discussed by Mr. Varshal Patel (Project Manager of IPhone application at OpenXcell Technolabs). Mr. Jayneel Patel (CEO & MD of OpenXcell) was the panelist for the webinar.

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Webinar by OpenXcell Technolabs: Impacts of iOS 7 on App Marketers and Developers

  1. 1. A brief about OpenXcell Technolabs • Openxcell Technolabs is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company located in India and USA. • We are a big team of enthusiastic designers, skilled developers and experienced managers. • We have very strong hold in Mobile App Development, Game Development, Web Development, E-commerce Development and Enterprise Systems. • We have delivered quality solutions to our worldwide clientele.
  2. 2. Introduction & Agenda • • • • • • • • • Forecast about mobile app market Performance of iOS7 What’s new & Benefits of iOS7 Discussion about iOS7 Challenges with reference to new apps and existing apps Strategies to move with the change Effect on app marketing & monetization Few practical tips to improve revenue of iOS apps Conclusion Q&A
  3. 3. Forecast about mobile app market
  4. 4. Forecast about mobile app market • How much revenue do/will mobile apps generate? – Full-year app revenues of $12 billion in 2012 – Forecasted to grow to $20.4 billion in 2013 – Forecasted to grow to $63.5 billion in 2017 • How many apps are downloaded each year? – Forecasts: 82 billion apps will be downloaded worldwide in 2013 – By 2015 there will be around 151 Billion app downloads – And by 2017 there will be more than 200 billion downloads per year Source: - Portio Research
  5. 5. Forecast about mobile app market
  6. 6. Forecast about mobile app market • How many people use mobile apps? – – – – 1.2 billion People at the end of 2012 Forecast to grow at a 29.8 percent each year 4.4 billion Users by the end of 2017 Much of the above growth will come from Asia Source: - Portio Research • How do you make money from mobile apps? – In 2013 there will be 81.4 billion downloads, 90 percent of these will be free apps. – By 2016 there will be 309.6 billion app downloads, but 93 percent will be free – The number of downloads featuring in-app purchase will increase from 5 percent of total downloads in 2011 to 30 percent in 2016. – The share of revenue from in-app purchases will increase from 10 percent in 2011 to 41 percent in 2016. Source: - Gartner
  7. 7. Forecast about mobile app market • How many mobile apps are there in market? – In October 2013 Mr. Tim Crook announced that Apple has crossed 1 million app in App Store – In July 2013 Google's VP Hugo Barra announced that the Google Play store had more than one million apps in its app store
  8. 8. Performance of iOS7
  9. 9. On the Day of Launch Source: - Chitika
  10. 10. On the Day of Launch According to Mixpanel 22% people updated on iOS in the 10 hours following its launch Source: - Mixpanel
  11. 11. On the Day of Launch According to ONSWIPE 31% users are already on iOS7 in first 24 hrs from its launch across all iOS devices. On the other hand iOS 6 got only 24.77 % updations in first 24 hrs across all iOS devices Source: - Onswipe
  12. 12. Performance of one Week From North American iOS we traffic iOS 7 crossed the figure of 50% in first week Source: - Chitika
  13. 13. iOS7 Adoption in October 2013 More than 75% adoption of iOS 7 was recorded by 26th of this month Source: - Mixpanel
  14. 14. What’s new & benefits of iOS7
  15. 15. What’s new & benefits of iOS7 • New mobile user interface • New gestures - We see this as major UI change since iPhone introduced. Next important update is gesture technology, There plenty of new gestures are available in Ios7. • Auto-layout updates • Airdrop - Easier for developers to make sure it appears correctly on a user’s screen. Transfer your files between two iOS devices and doesn’t need any configuration. • Multitasking - Make an app intelligent and have the latest content before app launch without compromise battery. • Camera, Photos & Video - Have all your formats for camera, photos & video at one place & apply filters before taking pictures. • Inter-app audio - Make app act as an output and or input for sending and receiving audio to and from other apps. • Map kit – You may found numerous improvements and features for apps that use map-based information Note: There are many more features & improvements available in iOS7 but we listed major features here which we found useful for your reference.
  16. 16. iOS7 into Enterprise, Education & Government
  17. 17. iOS7 into Education, Government & Enterprise space We listed few features which shows iOS7’s noticable contribution in Education, Government & Enterprise space. • Enhanced security with Touch ID, default encryption class for all installed apps. • Increased support to MDM API such as new features like Silent app installation, App configurations, App feedback, Managed "Open In“, Control which apps use cellular data, Extra Accessibility Options for Single App Mode Improved flexibility with Single Sign On (SSO) in iOS7 • • Airplay mirroring • Multipeer Connectivity in iOS7and many other features Note: There are many more features & improvements available in iOS7 but we listed major features here we found useful for your reference.
  18. 18. How it effects to App marketing
  19. 19. Effects of iOS7 in app marketing • iBeacon (Location based marketing) - iBeacon allows iPhone/iPad devices relating their location in real time to talk to each other, without the need for wi-fi or GPS technology. Imagine if there is an iBeacon device located in a pizza store then that store can send pizza discount coupons to your iPhone in order to push you to purchase great pizza deals from Pizza store  • Passbook (Bridging print) - We see this as potential feature for marketers to readily convert many of the paper based coupons into a mobile format that is always with the user. It’s Mobile. • Airdrop (Easy sharing) - Imagine if we use Airdrop App to offer in-app freebies to users who agree to "airdrop" a trial version of the app from their iPhone onto their friend's iPhone. • Automatic app updates- Quickly optimize and update your app but analyze your user’s behavior and reviews closely and optimize and update the app accordingly. Only with a great app and high rating will give you high conversion rates on your advertising. • Improved iAds Framework - You can now add it before video playback or before the view controller sends any content to the screen.
  20. 20. Challenges to New apps & Existing apps
  21. 21. Case study: Apps not optimizing for iOS 7 will cost you big $$$ Sources: uTest
  22. 22. Most common problems while migrating apps from iOS6 to iOS7 • User interface rendering issues - If your app have customized views then you may need to make changes to support the new user interface and also need to make sure it appears as needed in your apps. • Gesture confusion - In few apps, we believe new swipe gesture may conflicts with buttons or calls to action very close to edge of the screen will not performing as intended. • Crashing - As you know, Apple adds new APIs in every new iOS (such as 1500+ new APIs added in iOS7) to perform predefined tasks with out need to write big code snippets and it stopped supporting APIs which crash the app sometimes.
  23. 23. New frameworks & Enhancements to existing frameworks
  24. 24. New frameworks Apple unveils a number of new frameworks for iOS7: • GameController.framework Provides an interface for interaction with game controllers. • SpriteKit.framework Provides support for sprite-based animation and rendering. • MultipeerConnectivity.framework Ensures direct data exchange between devices.
  25. 25. New frameworks • JavaScriptCore.framework Provides Objective-C classes for working with javaScript objects. Using this framework, developers could evaluate JavaScript code and process data in JSON format. • MediaAccessibility.framework Manages the presentation of text content in media files, e.g. subtitles. This framework works together with new standard settings for applications where users can manage related options. • Safari Services Ensures support for functions responsible for adding links to web-pages in Safari reading list.
  26. 26. Enhancements to Existing Frameworks • • • • • • • • • UIKit.framework StoreKit.framework PassKit.framework OpenGL ES MessageUI.framework iAd.framework CoreMotion.framework CoreLocation.framework AVFoundation.framework
  27. 27. Deprecated APIs (APIs which stop supporting from Apple) • • • • • • UDID MAC address New permissions New class properties AddressBookUI framework Core Animation and few others
  28. 28. Strategies to move with the change
  29. 29. Strategy # 1 Evaluating your app for iOS7 Upgrade We believe iOS7 is the perfect excuse to re evaluate your app to improve the user experience based on the new features offered by iOS7.
  30. 30. Strategy # 2 Re-Engineer Your App’s Architecture Users expect their apps to be native iOS7 so, use new animation transitions & APIs available in iOS7 to give look and feel like iOS7 to generate more revenue from your app.
  31. 31. Strategy # 3 Maintain OS Backward Compatibility Its advisable that the app should run on as many devices as possible while still providing the end user the best possible experience on their device.
  32. 32. Strategy # 4 Take advantage of Multitasking Think user’s perspective and save app user’s time by adding Multitasking capabilities to your app and keep it updated even when app user switches to another app.
  33. 33. Strategy # 5 Step ahead and add enhanced Security for your Business Secure you app! There are so many enhancements from iOS7 to secure your business data safe.
  34. 34. Impact of iOS 7’s App Store Changes on marketing Key App Store Changes from iOS 6 to iOS 7
  35. 35. Vertical scrolling is back in iOS 7
  36. 36. More no. of apps will there in Featured & Top Charts • Approx 1/3 more apps are being displayed in the “Featured” area before clicking “See all” • There’s no more “See all” button in Top Charts, reducing friction of further exploration
  37. 37. Screenshots and icons are now larger in iOS 7 Now you can use large size of icons in Apple App Store for your App.
  38. 38. Screenshots and icons are now larger in iOS 7 Icon Dimensions: App icon sizes has changed in iOS 7. Below table is glimpse to share the changes for app icon Devices iOS 6 size (in pixel) iOS 7 size (in pixel) Devices Non Retina iOS 6 size (in pixel) iPhone 57 x 57 not available 114 114 120 x 120 iPhone Non Retina iPhone Retina 57 x x57 iPad Non Retina (mini and 2nd gen) 72 x 72 76 x 76 iPhone Retina 114 x 144 x 114 iPad Retina 144 152 x 152 iPad Non Retina (mini and 2nd gen) 72 x 72 iPad Retina 144 x 144 iOS 7 size (in pixel) not available 120 x 120 76 x 76 152 x 152
  39. 39. App Ratings in iOS 7 In iOS 7 your app ratings will be the total of all the versions (ratings) of your app So now apps with large no. of ratings (Which are in the app store from a long time) may appear on a superior position, due to more social evidences. This may convert into more downloads.
  40. 40. Auto Updates Instead of manually updating your apps, iOS 7 will now automatically push your updates directly to users
  41. 41. Auto Updates • Update cycle will be shorter and the uptake of each release will be more faster: o No need to wait and build up ratings for current version as the focus is on total ratings o No. of update cycle can be increase to test new features to boost engagement • How you tell users about your updates needs to change: o As updates are seamless so now app developers and marketers needs to inform users about new updates. o In-app messaging services like Apptentive, HelpShift, and Intercom TK will be useful to create awareness amongst users regarding new updates
  42. 42. Apps Near Me App Near Me is a new cahrt in iOS 7. It list down the apps in your local area. Apps which are specifically related to any local area can get benefit out of it. It will also help in ASO As it is less focused so apps have opportunity to reach to the users effectively in different way
  43. 43. Kids Category Kids Category will is a list of apps, for children 11 years old and younger. It function like a Featured section and not necessarily based solely on popularity Be sure to get in touch with Apple and set up your age restrictions mindfully
  44. 44. How to not get rejected from the App Store Lastly, some tips to avoid disapproval during the rigorous review process: 1. Update your app icon 2. Update the launch image of your app to include the status bar area 3. Support Retina display and iPhone 5 in your every design and artwork
  45. 45. Effect of Price Change on iOS Apps
  46. 46. The Majority of Price Changes is less than $3.00 The largest price changes are in the Apple App Store for iPad Twenty percent of all price events involved a change larger than $4.00 in this store Source: - DISTIMO
  47. 47. Effect on Downloads by Price Drops On average, cumulative downloads grow by 1665% five days after the price drop in the Apple App Store for iPhone While the growth is 871% on the iPad Source: - DISTIMO
  48. 48. Effect on Downloads by Price Increases Download volumes in the Apple App Store for iPhone drop by (-)46 %, aggregated over five days after a price raise In the Apple App Store of iPad, the drop in downloads is somewhat higher, (-)57 % Source: - DISTIMO
  49. 49. Effect on Revenue Source: - DISTIMO
  50. 50. Effect on Revenue A price drop positively affects revenue in both stores Revenue in the Apple App Store for iPhone increases by 95% three days after the price drop This percentage was lower in the Apple App Store for iPad, where revenue grows by 51% because of a price drop The effect of a price drop on revenue is significant and becomes larger in the long run in both the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad Source: - DISTIMO
  51. 51. Effect on Revenue Price Elasticity on Revenue Source: - DISTIMO
  52. 52. Effect on Revenue Price Elasticity on Revenue The price elasticity on revenue in Apple App Store for iPhone is the lowest, which means that revenue reacts most heavily on any price change in this store Here, a 1% price drop leads to a 1.2% revenue increase within five days The price elasticity in the Apple App Store for iPad is -0.7, which indicates that a 1% price drop causes a 0.7% increase in revenue Source: - DISTIMO
  53. 53. Conclusion
  54. 54. To summarize, I would like to point out that iOS 7 isn’t just a new, simplified design but it opens up doors of new opportunities for app marketers & developers.