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Youngest Billionaires of 2013 - Forbes


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The Youngest Billionaires Of 2013
These 29 billionaires are all under 40 years old.

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Youngest Billionaires of 2013 - Forbes

  1. 1. YoungestBillionaires of2013These 29 billionaires are all under40 years old.source
  2. 2. No. 1: Dustin MoskovitzAge: 28Net Worth: $3.8 billionDustin Moskovitz, MarkZuckerbergs former roommate,no longer works at Facebook, thesocial networking giant that heco-founded. A signee of BillGates and Warren BuffettsGiving Pledge, Moskovitz bikesto work, flies commercial, andpitches his own tent at BurningMan.
  3. 3. No. 2: Mark ZuckerbergAge: 28Net Worth: $13.3 billionFew CEOs of any age areunder more media scrutinythan Mark Zuckerberg (whosonly 8 days older thanMoskovitz). Since takingFacebook public in May 2012,and getting married days later,the hoodie-wearing founderhas seen his net worth rise andfall with every fluctuation ofthe stock price.
  4. 4. No. 3: Albert von Thurnund TaxisAge: 29Net Worth: $1.5 billionAlbert von Thurn und Taxisfirst appeared in Forbesbillionaire rankings at age 8but officially inherited hisfortune in 2001 on his 18thbirthday. The eligiblebachelor is also a race cardriver and tours with aGerman auto-racing league.
  5. 5. No. 4: Scott DuncanAge: 30Net Worth: $5.1 billionScott Duncan is the youngestof the four children whoinherited the massive fortuneof late energy pipelineentrepreneur Dan Duncan,founder of EnterpriseProducts Partners. Today thecompany owns more than50,000 miles of natural gas,oil, and petrochemicalpipelines.
  6. 6. No. 5: Eduardo SaverinAge: 30Net Worth: $2.2 billionFacebook co-founder EduardoSaverin renounced his United Statescitizenship in 2011, news of whichbroke days before the companysIPO and drew accusations of taxevasion. Saverin, immortalized inThe Social Network as MarkZuckerbergs onetime best friend,settled a lengthy legal battle withFacebook, apparently receiving a5% stake. A Brazilian citizen, henow resides in Singapore andinvests in startups.
  7. 7. No. 6: Huiyan YangAge: 31Net Worth: $5.7 billionHuiyan Yang, thedaughter of the founderof real estate developerCountry GardenHoldings, is once againChinas richest woman.Her father transferred hisstake to the Ohio Stategrad before thecompanys IPO in 2007.
  8. 8. No. 7: Fahd HaririAge: 32Net Worth: $1.35 billionFahd Hariri is theyoungest son of slainLebanese Prime MinisterRafik Hariri. Hegraduated from the EcoleSpéciale dArchitecture deParis in 2004. While still astudent, he ran an interiordesign studio on theoutskirts of the city, andsold furniture to clients inSaudi Arabia.
  9. 9. No. 8: Marie BesnierBeauvalotAge: 32Net Worth: $1.5 billionMarie, along with siblingsEmmanuel, 42, and Jean-Michel, 45, inheritedFrench dairy giantLactalis, producers ofpopular Président brieamong hundreds of othercheese, milk and yogurtbrands.
  10. 10. No. 9: Sean ParkerAge: 33Net Worth: $2 billionSean Parker is revamping hismuch hyped start-up, Airtime,with the hopes that the videochat site will have the impactof his other Web companies.At 19, Parker skipped collegeto disrupt the recordingindustry with music swappingsite Napster. He served asFacebooks first president atage 24.
  11. 11. No. 10: Ayman HaririAge: 34Net Worth: $1.35 billionAyman Hariri is the son ofslain Lebanese PrimeMinister Rafik Hariri.Hes involved in runningSaudi Oger, one of SaudiArabias biggestconstruction companies,and the source of theHariri family fortune.
  12. 12. No. 11: Yvonne BauerAge: 35Net Worth: $2.4 billionYvonne Bauer owns85% of her familyspublishing empire. Sheis the fifth generation ofthe family to run theBauer Media Group,which was founded in1875. It publishes 570magazines in 16countries.
  13. 13. No. 12: Yoshikazu TanakaAge: 36Net Worth: $1.8 billionFounder and CEO of social-network game site operatorGree, Yoshikazu Tanaka hasfaced stiff competition thisyear from archrival DeNAand a game initiative byNTT DoCoMo, the giantcellphone carrier. To getback on track, Tanakamoved to partner with YahooJapan and went on a buyingspree.
  14. 14. No. 13: MaximNogotkovAge: 36Net Worth: $1.3 billionMaxim Nogotkov gothis start sellingcomputer programswhile in school and laterbegan selling cordlessphones. He dropped outof college in order tohave more time to focuson building his business.He later founded cellphone retailer Svyaznoy.
  15. 15. No. 14: Alejandro SantoDomingo DavilaAge: 36Net Worth: $11.7 billionA Harvard history grad,Alejandro Santo DomingoDavila is the eldest son fromhis jet-setting beer magnatefathers second marriage.Now a managing director ata New York-basedinvestment advisory firm,Alejandro sits on the boardof the Metropolitan Museumof Art in New York.
  16. 16. No. 15: Jack DorseyAge: 36Net Worth: $1.1 billionJack Dorsey made a name forhimself as a cofounder andleader of 140-charactermicroblogging companyTwitter, but most of hisfortune is derived from hisstake in mobile paymentcompany Square. The NewYork University dropout is acertified masseur known forhis eclectic interests, whichinclude, among other things,punk music and clothes.
  17. 17. No. 16: Serra SabanciAge: 37Net Worth: $1.3 billionSerra Sabanci is thedaughter of OzdemirSabanci who wasassassinated in 1996,and a board member ofthe large conglomerateSabanci Holding.
  18. 18. No. 17: Nicholas WoodmanAge: 37Net Worth: $1.3 billionGoPro founder and CEONicholas Woodman built the firstcamera prototypes in his bedroomwith his moms sewing machineand a drill. GoPro came out withits first camera, a 35-millimeterwaterproof film version, in 2004.Today, the camera shoots fullvideo in cinema quality HD,allowing anyone fromprofessional surfer Kelly Slater toamateur snowboarders to capturetheir adventures.
  19. 19. No. 18: Chase ColemanAge: 37Net Worth: $1.4 billionThe hottest young moneymanager on the planet,Chase Coleman cooled offa touch in 2012, but hisTiger Global hedge fundextended its impressivewinning streak, finishing athird straight year with anet return in excess of20%.
  20. 20. No. 19: Ryan KavanaughAge: 38Net Worth: $1 billionRyan Kavanaugh joins thebillionaire ranks for the firsttime this year thanks to hismovie studio, Relativity.Kavanaugh is making moneyby hitting singles anddoubles like the recent SafeHaven, which cost $25million to make and hasgrossed more than $50million at the box office.
  21. 21. No. 20: AndreyVerevskiyAge: 38Net Worth: $1 billionAndrey Verevskiy startedtrading in grain when hewas 19 and foundedKernel Holding a decadelater, growing it intoUkraines largestsunflower oil producer.Last year, Verevskiy waselected to UkrainesParliament.
  22. 22. No. 21: John ArnoldAge: 38Net Worth: $2.8 billionJohn Arnold shocked thehedge fund world in May2012 when he announcedhe was calling it a career atage 38. Arnold and his wifeLaura, who are signatoriesof the Giving Pledge, planto devote much of theirtime to philanthropy. Thecouple have already givenaway more than $1.2billion.
  23. 23. No. 22: Gary FegelAge: 39Net Worth: $1 billionGary Fegel attainedbillionaire status in May2011 in the wake ofGlencores IPO. Afterearning his MBA from theUniversity of St. Gallen,Fegel joined the aluminaand aluminum departmentat the commodities titan in2001.
  24. 24. No. 23: KostyantinZhevagoAge: 39Net Worth: $1.5 billionSon of a miningengineer, KostyantinZhevago took overPoltava Iron Ore, thelargest exporter ofpellets in CIS, at the ageof twenty two, and in2007 he took his miningcompany Ferrexpopublic. An avid soccerfan, Zhevago owns FC
  25. 25. No 24: Dan GertlerAge: 39Net Worth: $2.2 billionAn emerging face ofirresponsible capitalism inAfrica, Dan Gertler took hisfamilys fortune in diamondsand invested it in miningassets in the DemocraticRepublic of Congo. While inhis 20s, he became a friend ofJoseph Kabila, who then ranthe military and is now theDRCs president.
  26. 26. No. 25: Ana Lucia deMattos Barretto VillelaAge: 39Net Worth: $1.15 billionAna Lucia de MattosBarretto Villela belongs toone of Brazils oldest andmost distinguished bankingfamilies. She is one of thelargest individualshareholders of a holdingcompany that controlsUnibanco Holding S.A.,one of Brazils largestbanks.
  27. 27. No. 26: Lee Seo-HyunAge: 39Net Worth: $1 billionShe is the youngest daughterof Samsung Chairman LeeKun-Hee. A graduate of theParsons School of Design,she is vice president of theluxury goods and fashiondivision of Cheil Industries(part of the Samsung Group),as well as a vice president atCheil Worldwide, Koreaslargest advertising firm.
  28. 28. No. 27: Fang WeiAge: 39Net Worth: $1.5 billionFang Wei is best knownfor buying turnaroundsituations, especiallythose in the steel industry.Fangda Group now hasmore than 30,000employees across morethan 10 provinces inChina.
  29. 29. No. 28: Sergey BrinAge: 39Net Worth: $22.8 billionThe Google cofounder isnow director of specialprojects at the MountainView, Calif. search giant,leaving his counterpart LarryPage to handle most day-to-day operations. Brin overseesthe companys foray intohardware and futuristicendeavors like driverless carsand augmented realityspectacles known as GoogleGlass.
  30. 30. No. 29: Larry PageAge: 39Net Worth: $23 billionGoogle s cofounder andCEO since April 2011,Page saw the companythrough the $50 billionrevenue milestone in2012. The stock rosenearly 30% in the pastyear, adding more than$4 billion to Pages networth.