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Narrative fractals (overview graphic)

A visual of a deep, patterned, scale-free way to organize creative endeavors. More on #narrativefractals at Twitter (@openworld) and Emergent by Design (

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Narrative fractals (overview graphic)

  1. 1. Narrative Fractals A  scale-­‐free  way  to  tag  and  assemble  resources   (for  tasks,  ac,vi,es,  projects,  and  campaigns  in  self-­‐organizing  networks)   Narra$ve  fractal   Associated   Color   Theme   element/tag   Emo$on   (visual  coding)   (auditory  coding)   1.  A?ractor  (*)   Curiousity   Orange   Intriguing   2.  Challenge  (x)   Tension   Red   Disturbing   3.  Opportunity  (i)   InspiraAon   Yellow   UpliDing   4.  Strategy  (>)   Hope   Green   DramaAc   5.  Test  (~)   Confidence           Blue   ClimacAc   (or  doubt)   6.  Decision  (!)   Resolve   White-­‐grey-­‐ Finale   (to  implement,  reframe/ black   reloop,  or  shelve)   More  on  narraAve  fractals  (please  review  and  share  ideas!):    hUp://