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Lambert Heller - Open Science lab at TIB | OpenUP Final Conference


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Lambert Heller presenting the Open Science lab at TIB at the OpenUP Final Conference.

A few words about OpenUP Final Conference - Review | Assess | Disseminate
OpenUP Final Conference is the final conference of the EU funded H2020 project OpenUP. In OpenUP Final Conference, key aspects and challenges of the currently transforming science landscape were showcased in different interactive sessions, including an Open Science Cafe and Marketplace for new and innovative tools, methods and ideas. Different Motivate and Meet sessions fostered interaction and exchange in the context of Open Science.

It brought together different stakeholders who have a "stake" in the researcher lifecycle and helped them to learn about innovative methods for peer review, dissemination of research results and impact measurement, and get involved in shaping open science policies meeting their needs.

More information about OpenUP
OpenUP Hub:

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Lambert Heller - Open Science lab at TIB | OpenUP Final Conference

  1. 1. Lambert Heller September 5, 2018 OpenUP final conference, Bruxelles Open Science Lab at TIB
  2. 2. Seite 2  Showcasing researchers and research output on the web  Model, edit, search, browse, visualize… researchers and research  Network analysis  Supporting research assessment  Finding experts on a topic VIVO – an open, Linked-Open-Data based tool for research institutions and communities
  3. 3. Seite 3  Glamorous new VIVO features, instances? – Sure, though…  … much more important: Adapting the approach to local needs, and building community.  Why? How is it related to Open Science? – Help researchers, publicly funded research institutions and communities to own their information. What are we doing with VIVO at Open Science Lab?
  4. 4. Seite 4 We are partners of the recently started H2020 project QualiChain, which is about supporting learners and employers by validating educational certificates on a highly decentralised platform, the Ethereum blockchain. Please look up Christopher Allen‘s „Self-sovereign Identity“, then Open University „Open Blockchain“. This approach will set new standards in research as well, on the long run: Researchers should directly own their identity, as well as their transactions, without any detours. No need to delegate trust to any platform anymore, instead move to permissionless protocols. QualiChain
  5. 5. Seite 5 • Establishing Generation R –, just have a look ;-) • Supporting Wikimedia Fellowship „Free Knowledge“ – mentoring etc. • Facilitating the FOSTER „Open Science Training Handbook“ book sprint • Offering scholarly communication workshops for Leibniz Association researchers • Developing library education, with professional lib associations & Goethe Institute • Contributing to local Open Science training at Leibniz University of Hannover • We do some logistics for the Open Science MOOC • …and then some Let‘s build things together! Growing a culture of Open Science
  6. 6. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany Contact Lambert Heller T +49 511 762-5348,, @Lambo MORE INFORMATION