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Clemens Blumel - Alternative metrics in OpenUP | OpenUP Final Conference


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Clemens Blumel presenting OpenUP project's outcomes in regard to Alternative metrics at the OpenUP Final Conference.

A few words about OpenUP Final Conference - Review | Assess | Disseminate
OpenUP Final Conference is the final conference of the EU funded H2020 project OpenUP. In OpenUP Final Conference, key aspects and challenges of the currently transforming science landscape were showcased in different interactive sessions, including an Open Science Cafe and Marketplace for new and innovative tools, methods and ideas. Different Motivate and Meet sessions fostered interaction and exchange in the context of Open Science.

It brought together different stakeholders who have a "stake" in the researcher lifecycle and helped them to learn about innovative methods for peer review, dissemination of research results and impact measurement, and get involved in shaping open science policies meeting their needs.

More information about OpenUP
OpenUP Hub:

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Clemens Blumel - Alternative metrics in OpenUP | OpenUP Final Conference

  1. 1. [Open Peer Review/Innovative Dissemination/Alternati ve Metrics] in OpenUP OpenUp conference–Sept. 5, 2018, Brussels
  2. 2. 2018-09-12 2 Objectives • Explore the current landscape of altmetrics and open metrics, including a systematic overview of current indicators • generate a validated taxonomy of channels of scientific knowledge dissemination and altmetrics indicators • … and suggest indicators enabling assessing impact and quality of the underlying research.
  3. 3. 3 State-of-play: Altmetrics on the rise
  4. 4. 4 State-of-play
  5. 5. 2018-09-12 5 State-of-play • Altmetrics is extremely heterogeneous • Scrutinization attempts are (still) “en vogue” • There are some crucial challenges to solve • Normalization issues - in an open universe (vs. closed universe of bibliographic databases) • Coverage (Differences between data providers) • Conceptual scrutinization and construct validity (Impact Flavor debate, taxonomic attempts)
  6. 6. 2018-09-12 6 Results • Bibliometric analysis of altmetrics-related research. • Implementation of tracking infrastructure for altmetrics-related Twitter activities (Corpus of more than 54k Twitter messages). • Desk research to identify current trends and state of the art in altmetrics, condensing a total of 416 publications. • Desk research on research impact current situation, issues, and opportunities >SWOT analysis based on the state of the art of altmetrics • In-depth analysis of survey data to inform taxonomy development to assess the overall role and relevance of altmetrics (Inform, Disseminate, Appreciate, Impact) • Final taxonomy of linkages between altmetrics and innovative dissemination, conducting more than 20 expert interviews
  7. 7. 7 Information behaviour, academic reward system and society at large
  8. 8. 8 D5.4: Taxonomical tree of Dissemination Channels based on OpenUp survey
  9. 9. 10 D5.4: Example of taxonomy table Dimension: Doing Science and Science made public Service 1 Blogging Service 2 twitter Service 3 Faceboo k Service 4 RG Attention (expert interviews, desk research) Medium High High Medium General scholarly appreciation (Survey data) Medium Low Very low Medium Scholarly relevance (literature review, expert interviews) Yes No No Yes Field specific appreciation (expert interviews) Yes No No Yes Metrics (desk research) Citations Downloads Views Mentions Followers Mentions Views Likes Activities within the network Provider coverage (desk research) Altmetric, Plum Altmetric, Plum, PloS, Impactstory Altmetric ., Plum None Technical Accessibility (API) Partly Yes (but restricted) Yes (but restricte d) No Intergenerational differences in assessment (survey) High Medium Low NA
  10. 10. 2018-09-12 11 OpenUP Hub • Overview of main content in OpenUP hub for this area: • Altmetrics providers (Platforms, which collect data from different sources & produce Altmetrics) • Altmetrics features (SWOT analysis, Data sources & the Taxonomy of Altmetrics) • Training videos: Current issues in Altmetrics • …blog posts on Altmetrics
  11. 11. 2018-09-12 12 Outlook • Altmetrics is a booming, but heterogeneous field • Potential for assessing novel forms of dissemination and accounting for dynamics within science • But: so far not entrenched within the current value system of science What’s likely to be relevant in the future? • Content-based perspective (What do we count? Who engages? With what? How? Why?) • Reflexive perspective (How do altmetrics feed back into science?) • Understanding gaming effects (Offerbots, (Re-)tweet farms, “social media suppliers”)
  12. 12. 13 Name Email
  13. 13. Backup 1) "Which of these channels listed do you use most frequently to disseminate your own research to reach your target groups?" (Disseminate) 2) "How frequently do you use these sources to inform your professional work as a researcher?" (Inform) 3) "Please rate how being represented in these dissemination activities is generally appreciated within your field of research" (Appreciate) 4) "What potential do the following dissemination channels have to lead to a wider societal impact?" (Society) For each question, a battery of 19 dissemination channels was assessed on a 5-item end-point-scaled Likert scale.