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OpenTravel Advisory Forum 2012 Semantic Offers

OpenTravel panel presentation looks at the ways travel industry leaders can provide value by developing semantic ontologies in conjunction with travel partners in order to make more intelligent offers to customers.

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OpenTravel Advisory Forum 2012 Semantic Offers

  1. 1. 2012 North American Advisory Forum+ Miami, Florida April 2012Upselling Using Partner Data: 1How Trading Partners Can Work Together toEnrich Semantic Offers Moderator: Larry Smith, ThematixPanel: Buddy Altus, VP Sales and Distribution, Avis Budget Group Debbi Stone, Senior Director Sales and Reservations Systems, Amtrak Dr. Deborah McGuinness, Professor, Tetherless World Constellation Chair, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Elisa Kendall, Partner, Thematix
  2. 2. +Words deliver valuewhen put in a proper placeThe Business Value of Open Travel AllianceSchema 2.0 with Ontology
  3. 3. + OpenTravel Alliance XML 2.0 Schema 3  Used to more easily build software that is interoperable with disparate travel systems.  Schema describe the contents of messages that make up transaction services & processes  Capitalizes on OpenTravel’s established CIEM (common information exchange model) vocabulary to:  Complement advances in XML and address the changing way businesses use XML in the travel marketplace  Provide XML business objects (versus monolithic XML messages)  Provide implementer (proprietary) extensibility  Provide faster enhancements to the specification—and more frequent publications  Support metadata tagging for use by ontologies
  4. 4. + Ontology  OpenTravel Alliance has been working on a project to 4 produce a car rental ontology using components donated by Avis Budget Group as constructed by Thematix  An ontology defines the meaning of words in messages, permitting reasoning, association and rule-based operations  A shared ontology enables trading partners to leverage interactions between themselves in service of customers Common Domain Vehicle ACRISS / OTA Terminology Description Vehicle Codes General Renter Rental Car Rental Contracts Rental Eligibility Profile Facilities & OffersBusiness Capability Contracts & Agents/People Facilities Basic CRM Concepts Offers Standard Utility Geospatial & Language Countries Time & UoM Concepts Addressing Metadata Basic Terminology & Ontology Metadata
  5. 5. + 2.0 Schema + Ontology = Value 5  XML is like the syntax of a natural language  Good grammar, but does not express meaning  Add ontology to web services & XML objects to give words meaning within the XML syntax  The result is a meaningful conversation and interaction  Real language and ideas  Inference and reasoning  Differentiated interaction  Increased satisfaction
  6. 6. + Customer-facing Conversation 6 Customer Intent Benefit and Value  I would like to rent a “green”  Natural Language inquiry car  Connect concepts to message  We’re a big family with lots of contents luggage  Enable inferences based on  Are any “rock star rooms” message content available  Customer benefits fulfilled by  Are Premium Coach seats passing data between available for upgrade partners
  7. 7. + Internal-facing Interactions 7 Business Intent Benefit and Value  Indications of price sensitivity  Enhanced cluster profiles (segmentation)  How influential is the customer  Superior service and service flags: we understand you  How reliable is this booking  Alternative products and pricing  What type of trip: business, unique to partner/ supplier pleasure, other  Enable multi-channel/device  Attributes like party size, dialog over full itinerary luggage, other requirements  Data is there: make it visible and use what’s actionable
  8. 8. +Let’s consider some specific examples
  9. 9. + 9 Contact Information: Thematix  Address:154 West 18th Street, 5b, New York, New York 10011  E-mail:  Phone: (917) 275-7343