OpenTravel 2012 Advisory Forum Chairman Welcome


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OpenTravel Alliance 2012 Chairman Stephen Joyce welcomes audience and gives update on past year's growth.

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OpenTravel 2012 Advisory Forum Chairman Welcome

  1. 1. Welcome and Chairman’s Update Stephen Joyce Chair, OpenTravel Board of Directors CEO, Rezgo
  2. 2. Organizational Update• Staff and support continues to grow – MA Neff, Project Manager – Technical and business development support• Positive member growth• Global outreach via conferences and travel• Continued proactive outreach to develop new markets and solutions • Vacation rental, hostels, helicopter transport
  3. 3. New Members - 24+13 +4 2011 +2 2012 +1 +3 +1 since 2011 Forum (May 2011- April 2012)
  4. 4. Industry Penetration 57 16 10 8 5 3 2011 2 2012 7 2 1 132% growth in membership organizations since May 2011
  5. 5. Global Growth Denmark Italy Turkey Bahamas ChinaMexico Kenya 2011 new - click Total of 21 countries – 7 new since last Advisory Forum
  6. 6. 2012 Attendee Snapshot UKCanada Switzerland FranceUSA Bahamas Iran China Brazil Click to see countries
  7. 7. Notable Work in 2011Semantic Technologies OpenTravel 2.0•Working with Avis Budget • Toolingto make semantic offers •Resource builderpossible •Library compiler•Will begin working in •Library Definitionother segments later this •Objectsyear •Reference services•A strong focus for 2012 •SOAP and RESTfuland 2013 •OpenTravel Developers Network
  8. 8. Home Page
  9. 9. Current and Upcoming Projects• OpenTravel 2.0• Air Operations• Air Seat Maps• Semantic Technologies• Vacation Rental• Tours and Activities
  10. 10. Upcoming Events• 2012A publication in June• 2012 Elections• Travel Distribution Summit in London next week• Distribution Session at HITEC in June in Baltimore• WIT in October in Singapore• World Travel Market in November in London
  11. 11. Conference Highlights• Introduction to OpenTravel breakfast sessions• Awards Luncheon today• New Projects Roundtables Thursday morning• Big Ideas Session on Thursday
  12. 12. Housekeeping• Please mute mobile phones• Wifi available • Use the code you received when you checked in • If you’re not staying in the hotel, see Caliene• Dietary restrictions – see Caliene• Twitter #opentravel
  13. 13. OpenTravel Board of Directors• Gianni Cataldo, Datalex • Harold Dibler, Best• Andrew Rubinacci, Western InterContinental Hotels • Lisa Fues, Marriott Group International• Buddy Altus, Avis • Lew Harasymiw, Sabre Budget Hospitality Solutions• Cindy Falschlehner, HP • Vincent Lextrait,• Vicki Bias, United Amadeus IT Group• Stu Waldron, Amtrak • James White, Hertz
  14. 14. OpenTravel Staff• Valyn Perini, CEO• Bonnie Lowell, Specification Architect• Sandy Angel, Specification Manager• MA Neff, Project Manager• Caliene Isaacs, Office Manager
  15. 15. Welcome and Chairman’s Update Stephen Joyce Chair, OpenTravel Board of Directors CEO, Rezgo