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5 myths about brand archetypes


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Archetypal branding is a practical approach to building profitable, powerful and meaningful brands.
In this presentation, we dispel the five big obstacles to the wider use of archetypes and offer practical advice on how to use archetypal branding in your organization.

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5 myths about brand archetypes

  1. 1. Five myths about brand archetypes and how to dispel the myths @opento
  2. 2. Sandra Pickering is an expert in branding and brand strategy and a leader in the practical application of neuromarketing (psychology, neuroscien ce and data analytics) to business issues. Stephanie Creff is an expert in consumer behavior and a leader in building teams and practical tools to make consumer insights actionable. opento: who are we? Following a successful career in marketing at Unilever, Mars, Quaker Oats and The Body Shop, Sandra has consulted with many famous brands across consumer goods, financial services, technology, ecommerce, retail and notfor-profit businesses. Her background in psychology, neurophysiology and marketing science has enabled her to develop unique tools and frameworks for brands. You can work with Sandra as an expert online at opento Stephanie had a successful career in research, consumer insights and strategy across the aeronautics and consumer goods industries, before joining the opento team. Her background is in aeronautical engineering, where she gained in-depth practical experience of data modeling and statistical analysis. You can work with Stephanie as an expert online at opento
  3. 3. The idea of brand archetypes took off amongst marketers more than a decade ago, soon after Mark & Pearson wrote this superb book. At opento we know the power of archetypes…
  4. 4. ... so we often wonder WHY? are archetypes not used by more people?
  6. 6. MYTH #1 Archetypal branding is not SCIENTIFIC it’s a bit fluffy and woolly
  7. 7. #1: in fact, it is supported by modern neuroscience and neuropsychology As Jung suggested, we make decisions nonconsciously, tapping into common emotional patterns Many patterns are innate and universal as Jung claimed. As Joseph Campbell said, storytelling builds strong memories. (Even liking and disliking foodstuffs) We now know our memory tells stories too
  8. 8. Neuroscience of adolescence + Archetypal tensions A time to try new brands
  9. 9. MYTH #2 It’s all about PERSONALITY or character or charisma
  10. 10. #2: in the competitive marketplace, personality isn’t enough - brands must deliver too Sometimes, it is useful to compare brand personality to human personality but a brand is not really a person! Brands need to deliver against customer needs: and every strong brand delivers functionally and emotionally A satisfying brand experience creates and reinforces powerful emotional patterns and neuronal associations
  11. 11. Pleasure and neuroscience not just personality Delivering satisfaction
  12. 12. MYTH #3 There are (only) 12 archetypes obviously that must stifle creativity
  13. 13. #3: in fact, there are thousands of possible brand positioning archetypes The 12 archetypes of the Mark and Pearson model are map territories: there are many positions within each territory Brilliant creative teams have developed many different executions within each territory – and across territories It’s not just about advertising and communication: creative product design is key
  14. 14. The psychology of the Love Triangle There are many types of love And many types of lover brands
  15. 15. MYTH #4 It’s all about ADVERTS “Archetypes are mainly useful for brand stories”
  16. 16. #4: archetypal meaning lives internally and externally through all touch-points Product philosophy Storytelling Internal engagement Product range and innovation aligned with brand meaning. A brand story that belongs in the correct archetypal world. Employer and employee behavior and values aligned to the archetype e.g., Dove Pro-age e.g., Nike’s heroic battles e.g., The Body Shop Activist
  17. 17. MYTH #5 It’s really EASY to choose a brand archetype Grab a template, follow a process and have a go
  18. 18. #5: your brand deserves care and attention There are some great templates and processes but… The brand archetype must make sense psychologically The brand archetype must make sense strategically
  20. 20. Archetypes are rooted in neuroscience Brands deliver: it’s not just about personality There are 1000s of possible archetypes THE FIVE TRUTHS ABOUT BRAND ARCHETYPES Archetypes drive implementation across all touchpoints They must be based in customer, brand and market
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