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What's New in Capture Overview - Release 16 EP4


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New in EP4: The Capture portfolio has two products with updates this release; Captiva and Capture Center.

We have invested across four major areas to increase the value to our customers for OpenText’s capture portfolio and ensure that each of these products provide a true Intelligent Capture option. These four pillars are:

Capture Anywhere– We continue expand the ways that information-of any kind- is collected appropriately and securely. For both Captiva and Capture Center, we have invested in simplifying the user experience for Capture users both remote and mobile.
Automated and efficient - We have invested in upgrading recognition engines and expanding how Captiva and Capture center validate and route documents based on all of the data in captures.

Integrated and scalable We know that captured content doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The value of content is in the processes that the information enables. To that end we have enhanced and expanded the connectors and RESTful services that can pass metadata and documents between Capture and line-of-business applications-including OpenText products.

Centralized Administration- Enterprise Capture is complex, OpenText recognizes that administering Captiva and Capture Center needs not easy, centralized enterprises grade tools for managing users and documents with additional IT or vendor intervention.

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What's New in Capture Overview - Release 16 EP4

  1. 1. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 1 OpenText Capture products Enhancing document value through ease of ingestion
  2. 2. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 2 Meet today’s needs while preparing for tomorrow with OpenText Capture release 16.4 Advanced Recognition Enterprise Processes Distributed Capture Deployment Flexibility Capture Anywhere Automated and Efficient Integrated and scalable Centralized administration Expanded mobile and secure web client options Enhanced tagging and document recognition Better two-way integration into other systems Enhanced administrative support for cloud and hybrid 16.4 Updates OpenText Intelligent Capture Today’s Capture Needs
  3. 3. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 3 OpenText Captiva Extending Captiva’s Reach within Customer Applications
  4. 4. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 4 Advanced Recognition • Accuracy • Classification and Extraction Automation • Machine Learning • Security • Configuration & Deployment Distributed Capture Enterprise Platform • Mobile • Browser • Cloud • Real-Time Automated and efficientCapture Anywhere Integrated and Scalable OpenText Captiva 7.7 release highlights
  5. 5. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 5 New Web client enhances user experience Improved handwriting recognition reduces manual input Enhanced web security allows for distributed capture to speed deployment and expansion
  6. 6. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 6 Expanded recognition tools reduces manual sorting Integration of OpenText Character Recognition and OpenText Document Recognition into Captiva expands the tools to identify and sort batches of documents Expanded set of export tools for Content Server 16.X and ApplicationXtender 16.X provides additional business cases for Captiva
  7. 7. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 7 7 Improved Captiva Mobile capabilities • Captiva Real-time services for mobile provide on-phone tools to capture high quality images appropriate for any Enterprise use case • The ability for users to perform basic review and modification of images to ensure quality • Captiva Real-time provides intelligent document recognition techniques including barcode and QR recognition • The expanded SDK provides tools for customers to build Captiva’s mobile capture into their mobile apps.
  8. 8. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 8 OpexText Captiva 7.7 Updates • Major enhancements to the Captiva Web Client and the Captiva Mobile SDK provide customers with the ability to extend capture capabilities to remote offices, distributed capture locations and directly within mobile applications • New Standard OCR module for significantly improved handling “born digital” documents, such as PDF images- in addition to paper based documents- with the extended functionality and full integration with OpenText Character Reader • New Content Server 16.x export as well as AX, Alternative MS Office Doc rendering and Standard import improvements • Captiva Real-Time/REST & customer experience focused enhancements
  9. 9. OpenText Capture Center Enhanced process efficiency through quality control
  10. 10. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 10 Advanced Recognition • Accuracy • Validation and machine learning • Customization • Document flow- through to LOB Distributed Capture Enterprise Integration • Mobile • Browser Automated and efficientFaster ingestion Integrated and Scalable OpenText Capture Center 16.4 release highlights
  11. 11. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 11 11 New Mobile scan client • Extend OCC beyond the desktop to all end points that might be used to capture enterprise documents • The ability for users to perform basic review and modification of images to ensure quality • The expanded API provides tools for customers to expand the import abilities from end points into OCC.
  12. 12. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 12 Improved Capture user experience for faster capture Recognize and extract tables automating the creation of tables for easy export and data validation. Allow users to see what fields have been automatically extracted shorting the review and validation step of capture. Import look-up tables from integrated systems to ensure proper metadata is used for identifying key documents.
  13. 13. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 13 Improved capture process administration • Improved management of the recognition process through easier extended control of templates. • Expanded libraries of templates allows for greater automation and less exceptions of document identification.
  14. 14. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 14 OpenText Capture Center 16.4 updates • Highlights • Support for tabular data, lookup lists and scripting in web validation • Improved adaptive recognition • Mobile scan client • Other function • Process Suite export now supports new Content Building Block • REST API to load documents into OCC • Improved Real-time response • More cluster node management tools • Logging and history view for changes in user / task management • Function to process only a subset of a PDF
  15. 15. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 15 Thank you