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OpenText Captiva - What's new in Release 16 (EP5)


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OpenText Captiva is the a capture platform that provides not only core capture features including classification and metadata extraction but also has a full process automation module “CaptureFlow” that ensures that your captured content is routed to the right systems and right people without unnecessary user intervention. More information at

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OpenText Captiva - What's new in Release 16 (EP5)

  1. 1. What’s new in OpenText Captiva 16.5
  2. 2. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 2 Simplify the capture workspace using departments • Filter available capture profiles by department • Use department assignments to restrict profiles available to operators Capture
  3. 3. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 3 Automate business processes with capture services • Create text searchable PDFs using Capture Recognition Engine for higher accuracy • Classification API returns “pre-indexing” data values that can also be used for additional document separation • Extraction API can return both field-level and character-level OCR confidence values Capture Captiva Real-Time REST Server Captiva Capture Services Captiva Capture Services Mobile App Line of Business Application Each Real-Time Server comes with: • DocType enumeration • Image conversion • Image processing • Barcode recognition • Data population/validation Additional cost options: • OCR & PDF creation • Advanced Recognition (document classification & data extraction)
  4. 4. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 4 Deploy capture in a cloud • Support for Microsoft Azure deployments • Improved, more granular cloud scalability for Captiva Real-Time RESTful capture services Capture
  5. 5. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 5 Secure all in-transit capture data • Web clients secured with TLS 1.2 • Thick client communications secured by encryption, using choice of CryptoAPI service providers and methods • Includes logging of encryption status for all connections Capture
  6. 6. OpenText Confidential. ©2018 All Rights Reserved. 6 Monitor and analyze capture performance • Captiva reports compatible with OpenText Information Hub • New pre-configured dashboard or create a new one from a wealth of operational statistics Capture