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OpenText ECM Suite for SAP® - In a Nutshell


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What is OpenText ECM for SAP®? Learn more about our holistic and integrated approach to content-in-context for SAP business processes.

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OpenText ECM Suite for SAP® - In a Nutshell

  1. 1. OpenText Suite for SAP®
  2. 2. What is EIM for SAP?
  3. 3. An integrated portfolio designed for SAP best-run businesses harnessing market leading EIM technologies by OpenText
  4. 4. What drives EIM for SAP?
  5. 5. Exponential growth of data User experience EIM Process excellence for SAP Cost reduction Compliance
  6. 6. Which business processes?
  7. 7. Which business processes?
  8. 8. Taking business processes to full-value
  9. 9. Managing content-in-context from a process and consumer point of view, while keeping intact its lifecycle and mitigating risk for greater process efficiency and compliance. • Complete processes • User experience • Information governance
  10. 10. Optimize and standardize business processes through automation Enrich business processes with enterprise content for efficiency gains Ensure maximum productivity, compliance and auditability Complete Processes
  11. 11. Empower business user with instant access to relevant information to drive business action Capture and retain business knowledge and drive collaboration Equip business user with consumer tools to drive adoption and productivity User Experience
  12. 12. Capture and manage content-incontext throughout its lifecycle Apply policy and ensure defensible deletion of content-in-context Reduce storage and IT costs with intelligent archiving Information Governance
  13. 13. Controlled access to information Protect content-in-context throughout the business process and at rest Secure long term information archival Information Security
  14. 14. What is unique?
  15. 15. Content-enriched business processes are best blend and your competitive advantage to operational excellence
  16. 16. Suite for SAP Employee File Management Invoice Management /Capture Center Travel Receipts Management /Capture Center Extended Enterprise Content Management Automate HR File administration and enable self service scenarios Minimize data capture effort and human intervention. Automated receipt capturing and handling for streamlined expense management Best-of-breed ECM with unique SAP integration and process support. Streamline accounts payable processes Document Access 360 degree information access Enterprise Records Management Microsoft SharePoint Services Collaborate in and work with SAP related content in Microsoft SharePoint. Information Governance for MS SharePoint Content, DoD certified Records Management Portal Content / Portal Site Managment Powerful Intra-/ Extranet document management, collaboration, authoring and publishing Digital Asset Management Management of rich media assets Integrate media into marketing communications Embedded into SAP NetWeaver Portal and Enterprise Workspaces Document Presentment / Add-on BC Automate document generation and personalization (e.g. billing) Business Correspondence Archiving Secure, compliant, cost-efficient storage of information Business Process Application EIM Platform An integrated portfolio that is built on the principles of an open suite concept, driven by co-innovation and customer value
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