ECM Content Management and OpenText Content Intelligence (WebReports and ActiveView)


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OpenText Content Intelligence bundles ActiveView and WebReports tools, as well as a complete set of instantly-deployable and easily modifiable prebuilt reports, workflows, and applications via the Report Pack, to make it easy for organizations to optimize the business user experience, drive adoption, and tailor applications to suit specific requirements of their Content Server deployment.
• Improve user adoption by making OpenText Content Server look and feel the way your business users want it to
• Limit or eliminate training costs by making it easy for users to work with your ECM system
• Easily develop and deploy applications tailored for your organization’s specific needs without outsourcing or the need for specialized development resources
• Make sure that consistent metadata is available and applied so that users can find what they need, when they need it and ensure the reliability of reports and dashboards
• Build role-specific dashboards and automated content reports to avoid the need for users to burden IT with requests or learn how to create reports on their own
• Lower TCO and improve ROI by making OpenText Content Suite a natural extension of the way that business users create and interact with enterprise content

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ECM Content Management and OpenText Content Intelligence (WebReports and ActiveView)

  1. 1. Product Overview OpenText Content Intelligence
  2. 2. Successful Enterprise Content Management solutions rely on effective adoption by your information workers…
  3. 3. Role-based and device specific views help users work with content effectively …and the way information workers interact with Enterprise Content Management systems is constantly changing
  4. 4. It’s about usability The Current Challenge: • OpenText Content Suite users with specific roles and tasks consume and manage information differently • End users are looking for tailored interfaces, reports, and applications that provide ways to quickly find and manage the information relevant to their roles
  5. 5. So how can you get the most from your Content Suite investment?
  6. 6. Real-time dashboards are just one example of how users’ information becomes valuable when they’re better connected to it Present complex business data in clear, user-centric ways; understand information better, make key decisions quicker
  7. 7. OpenText Content Intelligence tailors the Content Suite experience for each user’s needs with role and device based UI, dashboards, integrated reporting, and process- driven applications
  8. 8. With Content Intelligence you can: • Enrich Content Suite experience with visual dashboards and reports • Enhance business processes; bringing together structured and unstructured content from multiple systems • Create custom business solutions, views, and applications
  9. 9. Tailor Content Suite Content Intelligence allows you to customize the Content Suite interface according to the user’s role or device
  10. 10. Features
  11. 11. Report Pack Content Management Tools Immediately implement productized reports, dashboards and tools to help you monitor and manage Content Suite Information
  12. 12. Report Pack Charting Wizard Charting Wizard enables users to quickly visualize and analyse data
  13. 13. Report Pack Workflow Manager Workflow Manager helps you keep your business processes on schedule
  14. 14. Report Pack Development Quick Start Repurpose productized reports and tools to quickly develop your own applications for Content Suite
  15. 15. Re-design menus to suit user needs Simplified Menus You can remove the functions which are not related to daily activities or mapped directly to end-user processes
  16. 16. Automated reporting There’s no need to remember to run a report; Content Intelligence provides easily accessible information on demand, but also can be triggered on a timed schedule or by repository activity
  17. 17. Easily automate creation and distribution of standard Office documents Dynamically produce and distribute Office documents which include output from reports
  18. 18. Powerful workflow and forms Capture and store data from the Content Suite to generate dynamic forms and initiate workflow processes Trigger processes based on content actions Support standalone forms and forms within a workflow
  19. 19. Embedded solution framework Deliver web-based applications built into the heart of Content Suite Build custom business applications and solutions using industry standards such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX
  20. 20. Security As an integrated component, these tailored experiences on Content Suite information respect permissions and retain audit integrity
  21. 21. Benefits
  22. 22. Improved user efficiency & adoption With intuitive, tailored experiences dynamically adjusted for users and various devices, efficiency and user adoption are accelerated
  23. 23. Business driven operation Facilitate end-user interactions with metadata through inline metadata editing and bulk metadata update dashboards
  24. 24. Inform management decisions Enhance management insight and decision making through visualization of connected content with the Charting Wizard
  25. 25. Lower total cost of ownership versus custom OScript Content Intelligence is faster and cheaper to implement than using custom code; functional changes or upgrades are quick, safe, and easy with no server restarts
  26. 26. Learn More