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OPNFV & OpenStack


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By Arif Khan

Published in: Technology
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OPNFV & OpenStack

  1. 1. OPENSTACK INDIA DAY, 2016 - Arif Mohammad Khan ( VP VoerEir ) Please direct any questions to Introducing Open Platform for NFV
  2. 2. Ø Container Ø NFV Top Openstack Usecase What is NFV and why its Important for Telcos ?
  3. 3. Ø Innovation and Superior Performance Ø Speed and Agility Ø Efficiency and Effectiveness Operator Change Driver
  4. 4. NFV challenges for Telcos Building & managing distributed, multi vendor cloud Migration to Cloud data center without impacting existing services Different workloads demand different resources from cloud No real benchmark matrices available Multiple player and multiple role make complex to define SLA and WLA Cloud imposed additional security challenges From SW and HW pre-integrated by each vendor To SW and HW from different vendors and not integrated Top priority for telecom operators is to get ”internet economy” speed and cost benefit
  5. 5. NFV Reference Architecture
  6. 6. > Create. > Compose. > Deploy. Test > Iterate. OPNFV is open source NFV
  7. 7. OPNFV Platform Overview Orchestration and Management Virtual Network Functions Infrastructure Compute Virtualization Control Storage Virtualization Control Network Virtualization Control Compute Storage Network Integration Testing New Features Upstream Project Collaboration Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Documentation
  8. 8. OPNFV Project Goals • Develop and test an integrated open source platform • Include participation of end users • Contribute to and participate in relevant open source projects • Establish an ecosystem for NFV solutions
  9. 9. OPNFV is Up-Stream... Create
  10. 10. ... and OPNFV is Down-Stream Compose.Deploy.Test.
  11. 11. Up-stream + Down-stream: Mid-Stream Compose.Deploy.Test. Create
  12. 12. “Systems integration as an open community effort.”
  13. 13. Assembling a Platform for NFV Enhancements Additions
  14. 14. Scenario: “Deployment of a set of components and their configuration” Key Release Vehicle for OPNFV OPNFV Composes Scenarios
  15. 15. Working Upstream with Open Source and Standards
  16. 16. A scenario is a system. Does it work? > Deploy. Test.
  17. 17. Example testing activity in OPNFV: System-Level testing: Project YardStick 1. Define infrastructure 2. Identify VNF-type 3. Select Test Cases 4. Execute Tests 5. Collect Results 6. Integrate VNF application Pre-Deployment validation of NFVI Control plane/User plane Main components Realtime constraints Hardware Metrics Testcases 1 … N Teststimuli Testenvironment ETSI GS NFV-TST001 Chapter 6 Pre-Deployment validation of NFV infrastructure Configure Deploy Test Validate - System under Test (SUT) - Deployment rules - Execute benchmarks - Trigger External scripts for SUT disturbances - Collect results - Graphical results - Assertion - Generate template or - External templates YardStick Test-Framework
  18. 18. Missing Features/Components? > Create
  19. 19. Building/evolving features means contributing upstream. Team Up To Drive Required Change Upstream Swimming upstream is hard Team-up to increase the likelihood to succeed Swimming upstream is dangerous
  20. 20. Feature Development Example: OPNFV Doctor Project – Fault Management “Doctor” creates a fault management and maintenance framework See also: Project Blueprint Status Ceilometer Event Alarm Evaluator Completed (Liberty) Nova New nova API call to mark nova-compute down Completed (Liberty) Support forcing service down Completed (Liberty) Get valid server state Completed (Mitaka) Add notification for service status change Completed (Mitaka)
  21. 21. Doctor Project: Solution Brief • Contents Fault Management Overview NFVI Maintenance Milestones and Goals Upstream Contributions Available at
  22. 22. Components evolve. Systems follow. > Iterate.
  23. 23. Community Labs: OPNFV Pharos Project • Facilitate collaborative testing • Provide developers with substantial resources • Ensure OPNFV applicability across architectures, environments and vendors • Create more robust, interoperable releases
  24. 24. OPNFV is MANY Scenarios, including YOURS! > There is no one single OPNFV, there are multiple. > OPNFV isn’t a reference system.
  25. 25. Network Virtualization Control Storage Virtualization Control OPNFV Brahmaputra Overview Compute Virtualization Control Orchestration and Management Virtual Network Functions OpenStack KVM OpenDaylight OVS OpenContrail Compute Storage Network Infrastructure Pharos Community Labs OPNFV Bare Metal Lab Data Plane Acceleration Upstream Project Collaboration: Integration Testing New Features ONOS Ceph ODPDPDK Alignment Installers Scenarios Functional System Performance Fault Mgmt IPv6 SFC L3VPN Reservation Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Documentation
  26. 26. What’s next? 26 COLORADO
  27. 27. Members & Governance
  28. 28. OPNFV: An Open Community • Open Governance Model • Open Technical Decision Making • Open Design Discussion • Open Source License • Open to all
  29. 29. OPNFV Members
  30. 30. Create.Compose.Deploy.Test. Iterate.
  31. 31. References • OPNFV: • OPNFV wiki: • OPNFV Brahmaputra release: • OPNFV stats: • Mailing lists: – –
  32. 32. What are biggest barriers to accelerating NFV adoption at your company?
  33. 33. At What Stage is your company in the execution of its NFV Strategy? We#have#no#NFV#strategy# planned#at#this#point# We#are#now#developing#our# NFV#strategy# We#have#an#NFV#strategy#but# have#not#started#execu:ng#it# yet# We#are#in#the#tes:ng/proof#of# concept#stage#regarding#NFV# We#are#in#produc:on# deployment#with#NFV#
  34. 34. We Need To Work Together
  35. 35. THANK YOU