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Openstack Quantum

  1. 1. OpenStack - Quantum an intro.. Surya Prabhakar
  2. 2. Who is this guy talking to you? Surya Prabhakar @suryapn, openstacker, developer, Cloud computing enthusiast, opensource evangelist, audiophile→ Ceilometer developer/ first generation ceilometer-stacker.→ No guru/expert whatsoever, just a software engineer with insane levels of attraction towards Openstack.→ Another guy trying to bore you with a slide :)
  3. 3. What are we discussing here? Surya Prabhakar @suryapn, openstacker, developer, Cloud computing enthusiast, opensource evangelist, audiophileThis presentation is targeted to beginners, and in no way acomplete coverage of the amazing “Openstack – Quantum. “
  4. 4. OutlineOpenstackComponentsWhat is Quantum?Why Quantum?High level ArchitectureCurrent Project status?Some more details
  5. 5. OpenstackOpenSource Cloud Software✔Massively scalable✔Launched by Nasa and Rackspace in 2010✔Supported by more than 180 companies✔Driven by Openstack foundation✔
  6. 6. Openstack - Components(essex)Object Store (codenamed "Swift")➔Image (codenamed "Glance")➔Compute (codenamed "Nova")➔Dashboard (codenamed "Horizon")➔Identity (codenamed "Keystone")➔
  7. 7. Openstack - Components(folsom)Object Store (codenamed "Swift")➔Image (codenamed "Glance")➔Compute (codenamed "Nova")➔Dashboard (codenamed "Horizon")➔Identity (codenamed "Keystone")➔Network (codenamed "Quantum")➔Block Storage (codenamed "Cinder")➔
  8. 8. High Level Architecture - EssexSource :
  9. 9. High Level Architecture - FolsomAdapted from : http://26a0ff8ca8ba32139f7d- db711c577a50b6bdc946ea71aaca027d.r9 arch-folsom.jpg
  10. 10. What is Quantum?Network connectivity as a serviceVirtual Networking for ComputeClean network service abstraction within OpenStack.Presents a logical API and a corresponding plug-in architecture that separates thedescription of network connectivity from its implementation.API independent of computeProvides a platform for integrating advanced networking solutions such as:Load balancer services
  11. 11. Why Quantum?Earlier was nova-network: No fine grained control for tenant Unable to insert custom networking Uses a simple linux bridgeAddress some of the requirements like.. Creating multiple private network QOS Firewall capabilities API controlled
  12. 12. Logical Architecture - Folsom Source: :
  13. 13. Rest API basedTo create a networkURL: POST /tenants/{tenant-id}/networksHTTP Request Body: Specified the symbolic name for the networkbeing created.E.g.{ "network":{ "name": "symbolic name for network1"}}Description: This operation creates a Layer-2 network in Quantumbased on the information provided in the request body.
  14. 14. Quantum PluginsOpen vSwitch PluginCisco UCS/Nexus PluginLinux Bridge PluginNicira Network Virtualization Platform (NVP) PluginRyu OpenFlow Controller PluginNEC OpenFlow PluginCourtsey:
  15. 15. Folsom Status48 Blueprints Registeredv2.0 of the Quantum API, including support for L2 networking and IPAMIntegration with Keystone for API authenticationUpdated API Client Library and CLI, including support for filtering.Horizon GUI support for: Quantum network and subnet creation/deletionBooting VMs on specific Quantum networks.
  16. 16. Quantum – Devstack bringupSome of the settings in localrcdisable_service n-netenable_service q-svcenable_service q-agtenable_service q-dhcpenable_service q-l3enable_service quantum
  17. 17. Quantum – Horizon Interface Demo
  18. 18. Some more details..Quantum PTL - Dan WendlandtFeatures / Blueprints - Integrators - Summit in San DiegoDates : October 15, 16, 17, 18Webex:
  19. 19. Enjoy hacking OpenStack, Thank you!