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OpenStack NFV Edge computing for IOT microservices


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by Hyde Sugiyama, RedHat

Published in: Technology

OpenStack NFV Edge computing for IOT microservices

  1. 1. OPENSTACK | NFV edge computing and Intelligent gateway for IoT microservice OpenStackDays.IN - 2016 Telco Strategies session Hyde SUGIYAMA Senior Principal Technologist - NFV | SDN | ICT Red Hat APAC Office of Technology
  2. 2. Senior Principal Technologist Red Hat APAC Office of Technology Driving NFV/SDN technology partnership at Red Hat APAC as a member of Red Hat NFV Initiative Leading team 28 years experience in the Information Communications Technology industry Prior to Red Hat Director of R&D support at Juniper Networks APAC Facilitated technology partner development in JUNOS ecosystems Hyde SUGIYAMA WHO AM I ?
  3. 3. AGENDA ●IoT three tier model - Intelligent gateway ●OpenShift microservices ●OpenStack and NFV edge computing
  4. 4. 4 Devices are the eyes and ears of the intelligent system, not its brain THE DATA-DRIVEN IoT DEVICES DATA BUSINESS MODELS MQTT, etc over wired or wireless (NB-IOT 4G , 5G) DATA-DRIVEN IoT
  5. 5. ENTERPRISE IoT ARCHITECTURE DEVICES GATEWAYS DATACENTER DRIVING DATACENTER FUNCTION TO THE EDGE 5 Millions of instances Thousands of instances Hundreds of instances
  6. 6. IoT THREE TIER ARCHITECTURE DEVICES DATACENTER  Business processing  Reporting  Long-term data analytics  Data infrastructure  Enterprise integration  Software-defined storage  Communications/messaging  Data pre-processing  Real-time data analytics  Real-time actions/rules  Software-defined Infrastructure  Communications/ messaging  Data acquisition THE DATA-DRIVEN IoT 6 Millions of instances Thousands of instances Hundreds of instances INTELLIGENT GW (Edge Computing)
  7. 7. 7 UNIFIED ENTERPRISE IoT ARCHITECTURE Open Hybrid Cloud and flexible back-end data center technology Real-time intelligence and control via edge data processing and dynamic business rules Rapid application development and delivery across entire intelligent system through containerization Common Open Source Software infrastructure with enterprise ready security, scale, and manageability Mobile Things Intelligent gateways Edge computing 7 Massive Devices
  8. 8. 8 INTELLIGENT GATEWAY Bridge between Information Technology and Operational Technology by streamlining the many data forms and velocities ●Process and act on data at scale ●Reduce latency and bandwidth ●Apply real-time decisions locally ●Transform IoT data and connect with enterprise systems ●Control and manage millions of IoT devices Data storage Real-time data caching Business rules Enterprise integration Data transport Operating system Hardware Management Red Hat Storage Red Hat JBoss Data Grid Red Hat JBoss BRMS Red Hat JBoss FUSE Red Hat JBoss A-MQ Red Hat Storage Client Red Hat Enterprise Linux and JVM Control data Gateway tier for realtime service ( Thousands of instances ) 8
  9. 9. CONTAINERIZED IoT MICROSERVICE 9 VNF suite IoT data over MQTT, etc Data Center Cloud DPDK ODL NFVi IoT Broker Cash service Data store service Docker Registry CEP(Complex Event Processing ) service OPENSHIFT3 IoT Broker Docker Image Cache service Docker Image CEP service Docker Image Data service Docker Image OpenShift SDN Pod network for Microservice Enterprise SDN Controller Container App Microservice Microservice chaining for IoT gateways service NFV Edge computing nodes IoT packet coreNB-IoT
  10. 10. OPENSHIFT / KUBERNETES Docker App image Container Pod Inter-Pod Application awareness Network by SDN Pod 2 C3 Docker kubelet Proxy OPENSHIFT NODE API server scheduler controller manager OPENSHIFT MASTER 10 C1 C2 Pod 1 Developer Operations Management Toolsets CI/CD SCM
  11. 11. OVS Bridge OPENSHIFT NODE NETWORK Container 1 Container 2 veth Pod (Tenant A) Container 1 Container 2 Pod (Tenant B) veth veth veth veth tun0(NATed external access) VXLAN (to other nodes) Linux Bridge (Docker & IPAM) veth Host NIC/ Virtual NIC OpenShift / Kubernetes node OpenShift SDN Plug-in: 1) ovs-subnet 2) ovs-multitenant 11
  12. 12. OPENSHIFT / Kubernetes NETWORKING for Inter-Pod (Containers) connection Pod1 Pod1 Pod1 Pod1 Linux Bridge(Flannel) Host IP: OpenShift Node Pod1 Pod1 Pod1 Pod1 Linux Bridge(Flannel) Host IP: OpenShift Node Pod1 Pod1 Pod1 Pod1 Linux Bridge(Flannel) Host IP: OpenShift Node VXLAN Tunnel Orchestrated by OPENSHIFT MASTER 12
  13. 13. CONTAINERS ON OPENSTACK Docker image Containerized Applications OPENSHIFT Master Nodes Registry OPENSTACK SHARED SERVICES LBaaS (Octavia) DNSaaS (Designate) Orchestration (Heat) Compute (Nova) Networking (Neutron) Block Storage (Cinder) File Storage (Manilla) HARDWARE 13
  15. 15. OPENSHIFT + OPENSTACK & NFV Edge Computing VM VNF Runtime and Packaging Format Orchestration Cluster Services Telemetry Networking Security AutomationAtomic Registry Storage Enterprise SDN DPDK DPDK KubernetesOPENSHIFT 3 Managed Containerized CPE CO/Micro Data Center Data Center VXLAN tunneling VTEP VMVMVM Carrier’s Software Defined Infrastructure NFV PLATFORM VIM NFV PLATFORM VTEP VIM VTEP NFVO 15 Containerized Microservices VNF-M
  16. 16. USE CASE: NB-IOT Data Center DPDK ODL NFVi NB-IOT IoT Intelligent gateway IoT Intelligent gateway IoT Packet Core Cloud 4G IoT Packet Core MASSIVE IoT DEVICES GATEWAYS/EDGE Data Center Cloud IoT Data to Intelligent gateway over MQTT, etc IoT Intelligent gateway ● IoT Broker ● Real time service in-memory data access ● CEP service 16 Agriculture Automotive & Logistics Energy & Utilities Health Care / E-Health Manufacturing Retail Safety & Security Smart City Smart House
  17. 17. 1717 NFV Edge Computing & Software Defined Infrastructure 17
  18. 18. SUMMARY 18 ● Importance for IoT infrastructure is to get right data at right place and make right discussion in real time ● OpenShift container platform for scalable IoT microservice deployment ● OpenStack virtualization infrastructure for IoT NFV edge computing 18
  19. 19. RED HAT'S IoT VALUE PROPOSITION Red Hat delivers a reliable, secure, consistent, and open foundation for IoT solutions that enables connectivity and interoperability, delivering services from edge devices to Intelligent gateways on OpenStack-based NFV edge node, the data center, and the cloud across the life cycle from development to production.
  20. 20. THANK YOU! Hyde SUGIYAMA Senior Principal Technologist - NFV | SDN | ICT Red Hat APAC Office of Technology