OpenStack and Puppet


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OpenStack and Puppet

  1. 1. Puppet and OpenStack in the Real World Kavit Munshi Chief Technical Officer  What is Aptira?  What is OpenStack?  The Problem  Aptira + Puppet + OpenStack  Why Puppet?
  2. 2. What is Aptira? Aptira is a technology services provider that delivers: − Managed services − Bespoke solutions − Rich media solutions for digital agencies − Cloud computing infrastructure and consulting
  3. 3. What is OpenStack? OpenStack is free, open source Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) project. − Cloud Computing (nova) − Object Store (swift) − Block Storage (cinder) − Network Virtualisation (quantum) − Authentication (keystone) − Image Catalog (glance)
  4. 4. What is OpenStack? Managed by the OpenStack Foundation − 5,600 individual members − 850 organisations − 87 countries − $10 million in funding − Independent home for OpenStack − Technical Committee, Board of Directors, User Committee
  5. 5. What is OpenStack? One of the fastest growing open source projects in the world − From 30,000 to 600,000 LOC in 2 years − <100 people attended first OpenStack summit − >1500 attended last two summits − Rate of feature innovation is staggering
  6. 6. The Problem We deploy and maintain OpenStack on premise for our IaaS customers. We sell our ability to deploy and maintain OpenStack on location for private cloud customers. But theres a catch. Heres what we show our customers:
  7. 7. The ProblemThis is what we showour non-tech team…and heres what I need
  8. 8. The Problem
  9. 9. The Problem Add some more ancillary services (MySQL, RabbitMQ, Nagios, iptables). Then triple it! (development, testing, production) Multiply by the number of private cloud customers. Need a solution that lets me express configurations in OO style: − Reusable − Templateable − Inheritance Solution must scale to manage thousands of nodes
  10. 10. Puppet Puppet to the rescue! Puppet modules reusable, which makes each completed module a capability investment for the business. Native support for multiple environments and multiple sites. Couple with git (gitolite) for revision and environment management ( Passenger plugin allows us to scale config management along with infrastructure to ensure performance. ~30 puppet modules written (we write our own) ~1,800 lines of puppet manifests Average ~50 lines of puppet per module
  11. 11. Puppet
  12. 12. Puppet- Master-Agent architecture- On the puppetmaster, each puppet module is created as follows - /etc/puppet/modules/<module_name> - Global variables are defined in site.pp- The module has following components (each is a folder) - files (contains files needed for the module) - manifests (contains the init.pp file need to define the module) - templates (contains templates for the config files)- The agent connects and checks what modules are applicable to it and syncs config accordingly
  13. 13. Puppet
  14. 14. Puppet
  15. 15. Aptira + Puppet + OpenStack Aptira infrastructure capability − ~15,000 cores − 15TB RAM − 150TB HDD − ~1000 nodes Our puppet infrastructure allows us to utilise and deploy this capability on demand from customers. CapEx becomes much more dynamic and efficient. We can service demands for huge amounts of power without owning huge amounts of infrastructure. We scale our IaaS as a Service!
  16. 16. Aptira + Puppet + OpenStack Facter fact developed to determine hardware type (or Virtual Machine hypervisor) − Module to install and execute appropriate hardware management toolset (Dell OpenManage, HP ACU CLI, VMware Tools, etc) Augeas used to manage network interfaces (Debian style) We can also utilise public IaaS offerings, controlled by puppet. − Bootstrap geographic presence without investing in physical infrasctructure.
  17. 17. Why Puppet? Aptira evaluates and chooses what we feel is best of breed. − Self documenting − Explicit dependency management (versus Chef) − Enterprise version if required − Large community base − Tacit knowledge: staff have previous experience with puppet, many companies are using it.
  18. 18. Q&A Twitter: − @Aptira − @KavitAptira