Hybrid cloud federation


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Hybrid cloud federation

  1. 1. HybridStack Presented by,! Sirushti Murugesan, Pavan Sudheendra,! Rohith Ananth, Ahmed Shabib,! Vidhisha Nair, Abdul Hannan Kanji,! Kruti Bhat, Swati Bhat,! Akhilesh Hegde Under the guidance of ! Prof. Dinkar Sitaram,CSE! Prof. Phalachandra,CSE! Centre for Cloud Computing and Big Data, PESIT!
  2. 2. Motivation and Background • Explore Hybrid Cloud Federated Architectures.! • Design and Implement a mechanism for cloud bursting and migrating for OpenStack.! • Contribute to the OpenStack community.
  3. 3. Objectives • Bursting across different deployments.! • Workload Migration policies. ! • Support for:! o Scalability ! o High Availability ! • Interface OpenStack with different clouds.
 ! • Design and implement decision-making algorithms for ! • Moving Data To Compute! • Moving Compute To Data
  4. 4. High Level Architecture Private Cloud Public Cloud
  5. 5. Nova Cells A separate database and message broker per cell.! Inter-cell communication via pluggable driver. Eg:- RPC.! Top Cells consist of KeyStone, Glance, Nova- API, Nova-Cells and a Nova-Cells Scheduler.! Child Cells consist of Nova-Compute, Nova- Cells, Nova-Network.
  6. 6. Nova Cells Architecture Child Cell Private ! Cloud! Resources Private! Cloud! Resources Child Cell Top Cell/ Cells Scheduler Child Cell Private! Cloud! Resources
  7. 7. Implemented Architecture Child Cell Top - Cell/ Cells Scheduler Private ! Cloud! Resources Pseudo - Child Cell Public! Cloud! Resources
  8. 8. Pseudo-Child Cell Nova-API Compute-API Virtualization Handle incoming Messages and Update Top Cell about status. Interface that speaks to the public Cloud to execute resource requests. Updates Database and makes Call to Interface Driver. Nova Cells(Child) Nova-Compute VirtualizationInterface to the Public Cloud
  9. 9. Integration with Amazon Child Cell Top - Cell / Cells Scheduler Private ! Cloud! Resources Pseudo - Child Cell Public! Cloud! Resources
  10. 10. Integration with Amazon • Integration with Amazon Virtual Private Cloud! • Ability to choose public/private IP Subnets for VM’s.! • Compatibility with Hardware VPN.! • Specify Custom Routing Tables/Firewall Rules.
  11. 11. Current Lab Deployment Private Cloud Child Cell Public Cloud Pseudo-Child Cell Top Cell VPN/ Firewall Node VPN/NAT/ Firewall Node Private Cloud Public Cloud Transport Layer Security
  12. 12. Introduction of a Policy Manager - HEAT • Orchestration Of Services Across Infrastructure.! • Policy Manager for decision-making to burst/ migrate.! • Cloud Formation Templates Compatible! • Support for AutoScaling.! !
  13. 13. HEAT with Cells • Assume Cells as Availability Zones. ! • Use CloudFormation templates to scale across Cells.! • Use simple Scheduler Hints to pick appropriate Child Cell.
  14. 14. OpenStack - OpenStack Bursting  Bursting across various Availability zones running OpenStack Cloud using the concept of OpenStack Cells.! Both the clouds are running on OpenStack using cells. !  The third party OpenStack child cell is attached as the child cell of the native OpenStack parent cell. !  Federation Strategies using KeyStone for added security.
  15. 15. Future Improvements • Integration with Grizzly keystone! • Integration with Quantum! • Openstack to Openstack bursting! • Migrate and Burst
  16. 16. Thank You Contact Us: Sirushti Murugesan : sirushtim@gmail.com Vidhisha Nair : vidhishanair@gmail.com