Deploying OpenStack using Crowbar


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Deploying OpenStack using Crowbar

  1. 1. DeployingOpenStack UsingCrowbarDivyanshu VermaDELL R&D Bengaluru
  2. 2. Agenda• Relevance of Cloud Orchestration• Introduction to OpenStack• OpenStack Logical Architecture• OpenStack deployment – Challenges• Introduction to Crowbar• Deploying OpenStack using Crowbar
  3. 3. Flip “80-20%” of IT Spending 20% Business Applications Operating Systems Core Technologies80% Power and Real estate, Back up Archiving….. Cloudonomics:- Cloud is the Game changer
  4. 4. Promises We made… • Cloud will – Lower the TCO – Enable Activity Based Costing – Cloud will demonstrate Demand Side EOS4
  5. 5. OpenStack• Objective - Delivers a massively scalable cloud operating system.• Fastest growing OpenSource Cloud• More than 180 companies involved with OpenStack• Dell was one of the first adopters of OpenStack and has a strong presence in the OpenStack Executive Board• Dell Crowbar - Industry`s first End to End automated orchestration tools
  6. 6. Typical Challenges in Scale of Operations for CloudI/F • Manages elastic resources • Embraces constant change • Productizes best practices • Plan for hyperscale computing design • No Premium systems • No h/w redundancy • No manual operations
  7. 7. Generic Cloud Architecture
  8. 8. OpenStack Modular Architecture
  9. 9. Components Involved
  10. 10. Steps to manually install OpenStack • Review the most supported platforms. • This installation walk-through goes through a very specific path for installing OpenStack on Ubuntu 12.04 with root access and specific configuration settings using MySQL for related databases. Fedora and Ubuntu are the most tested platforms currently. • Install the Identity Service (Keystone). • Configure the Identity Service. • Install the Image Service (Glance). • Configure the Image Service. • Install Compute (Nova). • Review the assumptions made in this installation for Compute. • Configure Compute with FlatDHCP networking using as the fixed range for our guest VMs on a bridge named br100. • Create and initialize the Compute database with MySQL. • Add images. • (optional) Install OpenStack Object Storage (Swift). • Install the OpenStack Dashboard. • Launch the Dashboard. • Add a keypair through the Dashboard. • Launch an image through the Dashboard to verify the entire installation.
  11. 11. The Outcome ….
  12. 12. Clouds require an Operational Focus July 20, 2011 • Clouds demand significant operational and process controls Dell Cloud Solutions SW • Operational decisions drive hardware OPS and software decisions HW • We are finding ways to productize operations into best practices
  13. 13. Challenges• Skilled Personal • Linux • Cloud Infrastructure • OpenStack Architecture• Bring up Time • Configure • Deploy • Monitor• Spend time on Using Cloud rather then setting up one
  14. 14. CROWBAR
  15. 15. What is Crowbar? Mission: “A Zero Touch Cloud Installer” July 20, 2011 Servers in boxes to full function cloud in under 2 hours •Fast & Flexible Dell Cloud Solutions •Bare metal install including BIOS & RAID config •Users can choose how their system is configured (“barclamps”) •DevOps Embracing •Ongoing Operations Model (DevOps for Clouds) •Leverages & Wraps Opscode Chef •Open •Dell developed tool •Not specific to OpenStack – Dell using for other Apps •Not restricted to Dell hardware •Apache 2 license 15
  16. 16. Crowbar Contd..• Everything you need in one Image • OS Image – PXE • Barclamps – Core • Crowbar, IPMI, Deployed, Network, Nagios etc… • Barclamps – OpenStack • Mysql, Keystone, Swift, Glance, Nova Dashboard, Nova • Nagios – Monitor server health• Easy to use - GUI
  17. 17. Basic Architecture Server Ipmi, Network, OS Nagios, etc… OpenStack Node BMC Nova, Channel Nova Dashboard Switch Server Ipmi, Network, Server Nagios, etc… OS OpenStack Node Crowbar SWIFT Barclamps Server Ipmi, Network, OS Nagios, etc… OpenStack Node GLANCE
  18. 18. Machine Crowbar = Install State Dell Cloud Solutions July 20, 201118
  19. 19. Modular Design: Barclamps Nagios Ganglia Dashboar APIs, User Access, & d Ecosystem Partners Nov , 2012 Nova Swift Glance Ops Management Dell “Crowbar” Dell Cloud Solutions Cloud Infrastructure & Dell IP Extensions Compelle EqualLogi nt c Crowbar DNS Logging Core Components & Operating Systems Deployer NTP Provisione r BIOS IPMI Physical Resources Network RAID * Crowbar has potential to service other programs beyond OpenStack
  20. 20. Crowbar Exploded -Roles
  21. 21. Barclamps -Core
  22. 22. Proposal Edit
  23. 23. Node Dashboard
  24. 24. Barclamps - Core
  25. 25. Barclamps - OpenStack
  26. 26. Proposals Dell Cloud Solutions July 20, 201126
  27. 27. Barclamps and Proposals Dell Cloud Solutions 27
  28. 28. Monitoring Dell Cloud Solutions28
  29. 29. Dashboard Dell Cloud Solutions July 20, 201129
  30. 30. The Physical Setup • Cloud Ready in 2 hours ..Sharp… • Has a VM density of 50+ on Dell PowerEdge servers • Crowbar Orchestration ~ 30 minutes • Time to bring up OpenStack ~1 Hours30
  31. 31. HappyStacking31 Confidential