Running OpenStack on Amazon AWS, Alex Fishman


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Running OpenStack on Amazon AWS: In this talk we will demonstrate how to create an exact replica of an on-premises OpenStack configuration in the public cloud (AWS/EC-2, GCE or HP Cloud) and spin multiple copies of this environment in a matter of minutes. We will technically elaborate how we use our own high performance nested hypervisor HVX, and software defined networking - to run OpenStack guests with KVM acceleration on top of any public cloud.

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  • This talk is specifically geared toward developers, enterprise users that wish to try out different openstack versions and test features and configurations
  • What would you do if you’re
    An OpenStack developer
    Or a first time user that wants to evaluate OpenStack vendor propositions
    Or an enterprise user that just wishes to test specific features without modifying production environment

  • That’s why, it seems, that installing dev/test OpenStack environments in a public cloud can be a very desirable alternative
  • Running OpenStack on Amazon AWS, Alex Fishman

    1. 1. Running OpenStack on Amazon AWS Alex Fishman, Ravello Systems Twitter: @ravellosystems
    2. 2. Agenda • OpenStack for developers • Trying out different OpenStack vendors/flavors/configurations • Bringing the gap between OpenStack and public clouds • Demo of OpenStack on Amazon AWS • Use cases 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 2
    3. 3. OpenStack is a cool platform but… • Time consuming to install and try • Requires dedicated hardware that is not always available • Many different versions and flavors, can be hard to choose from • Network configuration is complicated 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 3
    4. 4. Deploying OpenStack dev/test environments • Local dev environments – Flexible for development – Easy to setup and tweak – Not nearly powerful enough to run multi node setups • In a lab – Powerful hardware – Limited resources – Time consuming – Costly 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 4
    5. 5. So why not using public cloud? 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 5 • Unlimited compute resources • Spinning new VMs is quick and easy • Pay as you go: much more economical for short term usage than dedicated hardware Amazon AWS, Google GCE, Rackspace Cloud, …
    6. 6. But… 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 6 • Compute nodes require dedicated hypervisor support • Only trivial network configuration is available • Replicating multi node OpenStack applications is hard
    7. 7. Nevertheless… There are attempts to utilize a public cloud • Devstack – Can be deployed on a single VM – Slow because of Qemu • NanoStack, Osones – Multi node but inflexible configuration/feature wise – Slow because of Qemu 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 7
    8. 8. So? We cannot deploy custom OpenStack environments on a public cloud? Yes you can!
    9. 9. Bridging the gap • Nested virtualization • Overlay network • Saving & replicating of complex environments 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 9
    10. 10. The evolution of virtualization 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 10 x86 OS x86 Hypervisor x86 Hypervisor OS 1:1 physical server virtualization nested virtualization app app OS app OS app OS app HVX
    11. 11. HVX: Nested virtualization 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 11 x86 Hypervisor OS app OS app HVX • Built from the ground up to be nested • Binary Translation with direct execution • Supports 32 and 64-bit guest OSs – Windows, Linux, Solaris x86, Android x86 … • Can run VMware and KVM guests unmodified on any public cloud - AWS, Google, …
    12. 12. Introducing N^2 (nested-nested) virtualization
    13. 13. VT/SVM implementation in HVX 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 13 x86 Hypervisor OS nested virtualization app OS app HVX x86 Hypervisor OS app OS app HVX VT Hypervisor nested^2 virtualization • HVX can expose VT enabled virtual hardware • Can now run hypervisors like KVM, VMware ESXi, Hyper-V etc. in the cloud
    14. 14. Overlay network 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 14 • Software defined network (SDN) • Runs on top of cloud provider L3 network • Define any L2/L3 configuration • Supports multicast, broadcast, VLANs, PXE boot, etc.HVX web OS HVX app OS HVX db OS app OS
    15. 15. Sample OpenStack architecture in the cloud 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 15 x86 Hypervisor Linux Nova Horizon Glance HVX Cloud VM x86 Hypervisor Linux Neutron HVX Cloud VM x86 Hypervisor Linux HVX VT VM KVM Compute VM Linux VM KVM Compute VM Controller node Neutron node x86 Hypervisor HVX Compute node 1 Cloud VM Cloud VM Compute node 2 VT
    16. 16. Demo Multi-node OpenStack/KVM running on AWS
    17. 17. Use-cases
    18. 18. Use-cases for developer community • Multi-node system testing environments • Test environments for complex features (e.g. HA, networking, …) 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 18
    19. 19. Use-cases for OpenStack ISVs • Development and test environments for downstream hardening and QA testing • SE (System Engineer) led customer demos • Professional Services led customer PoCs • Partner and end-user training environments • On-line free trial demos 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 19
    20. 20. Use-cases for Enterprises • PoC/Evaluate multiple OpenStack vendors without allocating any incremental hardware – Include proper scale and system testing • Staging environments for OpenStack upgrades • Test environments for OpenStack eco-system products 6/5/2014 Ravello Systems, Inc. 20
    21. 21. Thank You Q&A