Networking Updates - Juno Edition


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Kyle Mestery, Networking PTL, outlines the changes made in the Icehouse release as well as upcoming updates for Juno.

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Networking Updates - Juno Edition

  1. 1. Networking PTL Kyle Mestery Juno Update OpenStack Networking
  2. 2. To implement services and associated libraries to provide on-demand, scalable, and technology- agnostic network abstraction.
  3. 3. Neutron Juno Project Plan ● Organize high-level community tasks into Juno milestones ● Be transparent with developers and the community around what we want to land in Juno ● Provide a roadmap for distributions to plan for what features will land in Juno
  4. 4. Achieving parity with nova-network ● Icehouse set the groundwork for achieving this ● In Juno, the gap will be closed by following a plan put in place with guidance from the TC ● ommittee/Neutron_Gap_Coverage ● Migration script from nova-network to neutron
  5. 5. Distributed Virtual Router (DVR) ● Implements L3 routing across compute nodes ● Implements floating IP namespaces per compute node ● SNAT remains centralized on a service node
  6. 6. Neutron DB Updates and Migrations ● Starting from Juno, the Neutron DB will be made independent of the core and service plugins ● All migrations will be made unconditional ● Upgrade and downgrades around the healing migration will be supported
  7. 7. Focus On Third Party Testing ● An increased focus on providing consistent, repeatable testing for third party plugins ● Documented requirements and policies around this
  8. 8. Load Balancing as a Service ● Brand new LBaaS API in Juno ● In-tree ha-proxy driver will be updated to reflect new API and object model ● Octavia Project on Stackforge is meant to be an Operator Grade implementation
  9. 9. Group Based Policy API ● An extension to the Neutron API ● Provides a declarative policy driven connectivity model ● Presents application centric APIs to users
  10. 10. HA for L3 Routers ● Provides HA for L3 virtual routers ● Implemented as an extension API with pluggable drivers ● In-tree implementation will utilize keepalived
  11. 11. Flavor Framework ● A way for operators to offer network services to their clients ● Allows separation of driver functionality and configuration from consumers of services ● Allows operators to offer service levels based on multiple driver backends, features, etc.
  12. 12. Neutron NFV Work ● Working with the NFV sub-team in OpenStack to integrate features relevant in this space ● Service chaining, traffic steering, etc.
  13. 13. New In-Tree Plugins Merged ● Cisco APIC ML2 MechanismDriver and L3 Plugin ● Freescale SDN ML2 MechanismDriver
  14. 14. New In-Tree Plugins Proposed ● A10 Networks LBaaS Driver ● Brocade Vyatta L3 Plugin ● Cisco DFA ML2 MechanismDriver ● Huawei ML2 MechanismDriver ● IBM SDN-VE ML2 MechanismDriver ● LVS LBaaS Driver ● ML2 MechanismDriver for SR-IOV capable NIC based switching ● OpenContrail Plugin ● SNMP ML2 MechanismDriver ● Snabb Switch ML2 MechanismDriver ● VMware dVS ML2 MechanismDriver
  15. 15. Things disappearing in Juno ● Open vSwitch plugin ● Linuxbridge plugin