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  • + Dashboard: How you access the systemIdentity: Account managementSwift:storage distributed across multiple disksMassive rsync loopNote:Volume and Network being pulled out as separate components
  • Lets look at how an image is launched in OpenStack
  • Been using Xen since before KVM was an option.
  • Rackspace specific features mostly means features the community doesn’t care about or features that are just not appropriate for the community.
  • Getting Started with XenServer and OpenStack.pptx

    1. 1. Getting StartingXenServer and OpenStack@JohnGarbuttOpenStack Team Lead, CitrixOpenStack Summit, San Diego, October 2012
    2. 2. But Citrix does CloudStack?… but still got full time people on OpenStack
    3. 3. Why use Xen?… because it was built for the Cloud!
    4. 4. History of Xen
    5. 5. We propose a system that can execute code suppliedby an untrusted user, yet can charge this user for allresources consumed by the computation. Suchservers could be deployed at strategic locationsthroughout the Internet Xenoservers: Accounted execution of untrusted code IEEE Hot Topics in Operating Systems VII March 1999
    6. 6. Why use Xen today?• Open Source with a large community and ecosystem• Mature and “Cloud Proven” ᵒAmazon, Rackspace and many others• Probably 10-12 Million OpenSource Users ᵒe.g. 3 x people on Debian have used Xen in the last 30 days vs KVM ᵒ12% of Ubuntu Servers hosted on Xen• Type 1 hypervisor ᵒReduced TCB ᵒBest security, isolation, performance, scalability mix• ParaVirtual OPerationS now in Linux
    7. 7. Hypervisor Types (Hybrid) Type 1 Type 2
    8. 8. Even Better IsolationLook at Citrix XenClient XT
    9. 9. What is XenAPI?
    10. 10. Xen Terminology Xen = virtual machine monitor XenAPI = API to manage Xen XAPI = XenAPI deamon Dom0 = trusted management VM DomU = untrusted guest VM
    11. 11. 5 32 1 4
    12. 12. How can I install it?Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) Citrix XenServer• Includes Xen and XAPI • Includes Xen and XAPI• Supported by Xen Community • Fully Supported by Citrix• Fully OpenSource • Free edition• xcp-xapi package ᵒWindows VMs ᵒPool based Live Migration ᵒDebian Wheezy & Ubuntu Precise ᵒHopefully in Fedora soon•
    13. 13. What does it look like?
    14. 14. 2 3 4 1
    15. 15. 16 5 2 7 3 4
    16. 16. DemoLive migration without shared storage
    17. 17. How can I get started?… XenServer Specifics
    18. 18. Getting Started – Developer Install XenServer Run DevStack
    19. 19. Getting Started - Deployer Install Install Install XenServer PV VM OpenStack
    20. 20. 1 –XenServer Setup Install Create Networking XenAPI Plugins Directories
    21. 21. 2 – OpenStack DomU Install Install Configure PV VM nova-compute nova-compute
    22. 22. 3 – Create Images Install Agent Upload VHD Create VM or Cloud-Init to Glance
    23. 23. Configuration Tips… what to change after package install
    24. 24. Configure XenAPI Driver• compute_driver=xenapi.XenAPIDriver• xenapi_connection_url=• xenapi_connection_username=root• xenapi_connection_password=xenroot
    25. 25. flat_network_bridge=xenbr1flat_interface=eth1 public_network=eth3
    26. 26. Configure FlatDHCP Networking• Dom0 interface: eth0, eth1, …• Dom0 network “bridges”: xenbr0, xenbr1, xapi0, xapi1, …• DomU interface: eth0, eth1, …• public_network=eth3 (DomU)• flat_network_bridge=xenbr1 (XenAPI network)• flat_interface=eth1 (DomU)• (vlan_interface=eth1 – Dom0 & DomU)• name-label or id
    27. 27. Where can I find out more?
    28. 28. Get Involved• Ask a question• Ask on the mailing list• Read the documentation ᵒ xen.html ᵒ[TODO – getting started doc]• Look on the wiki ᵒ ᵒ
    29. 29. Using XenServer within Rackspace Cloud Servers Chris Behrens chris.behrens@rackspace.comOpenStack Summit, San DiegoOctober 2012 3 0
    30. 30. Intro to Cloud Servers RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 31
    31. 31. Intro to Cloud ServersOverview• Public Cloud product under Rackspace‟s Open Cloud portfolio• First Gen – Code originated from Slicehost acquisition – Initially Xen 3.x, but migrated to XenServer• Next Gen – Public Launch 8/1/2012 – Powered by OpenStack• XenServer 6• Linux, Windows, and FreeBSD VMs RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 32
    32. 32. Intro to Cloud ServersStatistics• 180,000+ total Rackspace customers (not just Cloud Servers)• Tens of thousands of hosts• Hundreds of thousands of VMs• Millions of snapshots RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 33
    34. 34. Why Xen?• Thin hypervisor layer• Open source• Excellent driver support due to Linux dom0• Good API• Good performance• Along with Linux, Windows VMs are a must – Same virtualization technology desired for Windows – Microsoft will support – Good PV driver support RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 35
    35. 35. OpenStacknova-compute w/ XenAPI• Runs in a utility domU on each host• Images downloaded in dom0 Physical host running XenServer – glance XenAPI plugin• Images attached to nova-compute domU dom0 nova utility domU – Partitioning changes glance plugin nova-compute – file-system resizing• Monitors VMs‟ power_state agent plugin• Snapshots/backups xenstore plugin nova instance• VM resize/migration domUs – rsync to new host• Communicates w/ agent inside VMs – Via xenstore RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 36
    36. 36. OpenStackRackspace Specifics RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 37
    37. 37. OpenStack Rackspace SpecificsSource Code• Rackspace tracks trunk – Deployed code generally less than 2 weeks behind trunk• Some custom patches on top of trunk – Features specific to Rackspace – Custom scheduling to meet Rackspace needs – Scaling with OpenStack Compute Cells RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 38
    38. 38. Deploying OpenStack„Inception‟• Private internal cloud – Based on Openstack, called iNova – OpenStack services for public cloud run virtualized under iNova• Easy to spin up additional services for load balancing – Enables quick reaction to load spikes• Easier deployments of new compute cells• Automated reaction to downed hosts• Enables new strategies for deployments – Replace vs Upgrade RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 39
    39. 39. Deploying OpenStackiNova Diagram iNova OpenStack Control Public Cloud Infrastructure for XenServer hosts Public Cloud XenServer hosts domUs XenServer host w/ OpenStack Control Public Cloud Infrastructure for iNova XenServer hosts RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 40
    40. 40. Deploying OpenStackContinuous Deployment• Trunk and custom branches merged multiple times daily – Unit Tested and Packaged• Configuration managed with puppet – Follows same QE and Continuous Deployment rules as code• QE Environment – OpenStack control infrastructure deployed on iNova – nova-compute upgraded on 200 hosts – Smoke tests• Staging Deploy – Uses the same packages and puppet manifests RACKSPACE® HOSTING | WWW.RACKSPACE.COM 41
    41. 41. Q&A
    42. 42. Work better. Live better.