Block Storage Updates - Juno Edition


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John Griffith, Block Storage Project PTL, outlines the changes made in the Icehouse release as well as upcoming updates for Juno.

Learn more about Block Storage (Cinder) here:

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Block Storage Updates - Juno Edition

  1. 1. John Griffith: Project Technical lead IRC: jgriffith LaunchPad: john-griffith State of OpenStack Block Storage A look at what’s planned for Juno (Jun 24, 2014)
  2. 2. Theme for Juno:
  3. 3. Some of the feedback we’ve received from “Enterprise” users: ● Continue to improve backups ● Focus on compatibility ● Don’t break upgrades ● Keep giving me something that works ● I need to be able to use my existing gear ● Quality is key ● Need an HA story for the reference driver
  4. 4. Improve Backups: ● We currently have a backup to SWIFT (and some others) ● Problem is it’s a full copy of the Volume only ● Difficult to Restore ● More difficult to import (ie DR) ➔Working on adding incrementals for Juno ➔Improving restore including “mange/unmanage”
  5. 5. Compatibility: This means different things to different people ● Compatibility of Cinder versions between upgrades ● Compatibility of features between different backend devices ● MOST importantly, continued compatibility of the reference LVM driver ➔Goal is for all 3’rd party drivers to implement CI (dsvm-full) ➔Ensures core API functions are tested/supported on all drivers ➔Public visibility of testing and compatibility ➔DONT BREAK THINGS BETWEEN VERSIONS
  6. 6. Compatibility Plans for Juno: ● Goal is for all 3’rd party drivers to implement CI (dsvm-full) ● Ensures core API functions are tested/supported on all drivers ● Public visibility of testing and compatibility ● Don’t make it hard for me to upgrade ● DONT BREAK THINGS BETWEEN VERSIONS
  7. 7. Something that works: ● See previous slide ● Functions and capabilities should be expected regardless of backend ● Reference LVM implementation is still the primary focus
  8. 8. Using my existing gear: Common theme seems to be “repurposing gear for OpenStack” ● Vendor participation is good if it’s compatible and it works ● I like having choices ● I like mixing and matching ● I might change my mind in the future ● DONT LOCK ME IN
  9. 9. HA for reference implementation: Multiple paths we hope to work on in Juno ● DRBD based solution ● Volume mirroring across multiple cinder-volume nodes using software raid
  10. 10. What we’re NOT hearing: ● None of the features I want are here ● There are too many options ● I don’t need Block Storage ● You’re missing ‘xyz’
  11. 11. Some other things we’re working on: ● Significant code cleanup and fixes in “object sprawl” ● Ability to help admins set up replication ● Concept of consistency groups between volumes ● Intelligently understand devices that use the concept of storage pools ● Scheduling local storage on Compute Nodes*
  12. 12. What are we missing: If you’re deploying a Private Cloud with OpenStack (or considering it) ● What do you need from Cinder that’s missing? ● What problems do you have with Cinder currently? ● How can we help make it easier, and more beneficial for you to use? DON’T HESITATE TO REACH OUT TO ME!!!
  13. 13. Get Involved: Contributing to OpenStack isn’t just for developers Open Source is more than just writing code ● Documentation ● Bug reports ● Feature requests ● Feedback, Feedback, Feedback ● Supporting others
  14. 14. Questions? email: twitter: @jdg_8 IRC: jgriffith