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Student administration software


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Student administration software

  1. 1. With the advanced technologies becoming a part and parcel of the day to day lives, educational establishments are also ahead of the times when teaching was confined only to heavy books and classrooms. The time is gone when teachers have to maintain big hard bound register books and carry out roll calls before commencing classes. Now everything is being done with the click of the mouse. The introduction of Student Administration Software has helped the educational administration and the management to effectively manage the school affairs with absolute precision. This is an invention which has become a necessity in the educational institutions all over the world.
  2. 2. OpenSIS is the Student Administration Software that excels in the name of a management portal used in various kinds of educational establishments. This system basically bridges the gap between the administration and the management and the whole tasks are brought under one single roof. It completes the admission and the enrolment procedures after which classes are automatically created and assigned to respective teachers. Teachers are able to assign home works, class works, and assignments and fix examination schedules. This is then continued with the checking of the examination and then rechecking them before the final publishing of the grades. This educational administrative software oversees the health development of the students within the premises of the institutions. This software is also capable of performing internal functions as well. It processes the payrolls for the staffs and calculates the leaves in their account. This administrative software suggests, recommends, approves and sanctions the names of the students to be awarded for their academic excellence. Contact Information: Call: 1-281-6736747 Website: Follow Us: