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Proactum Platform Annti


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Proactum Platform Annti

  1. 1. Proactum Platform Antti Jokipii, Proactum Ltd.
  2. 2. What is a platform? • An integrated and managed set of common services • A communication and facilitation mechanism between developers • A partial solution customizable to customer’s requirements
  3. 3. Architecture
  4. 4. Proactum Platform Ecosystem • Definition • Benefits – Ecosystem: A collection – Improves productivity of organizations that are – Provides new interdependent and when opportunities for combined, form a members and partners complete solution or – Enhance its robustness industry
  5. 5. Collaboration • A true open source ecosystem requires active engagement of the customers also for maximum benefit • Suppliers must work together – Avoid direct competitors – Provide opportunities for synergy and mutual benefit Please, contact us any time if you are interested!
  6. 6. ! Contact information: Chief Technology Officer Antti Jokipii Email: Tel. +358-45-1399012