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Career Contribution Collaboration


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Published in: Technology, Career, Business
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Career Contribution Collaboration

  1. 1. Groupwork session Career – Contribution-Collaboration- Success – Career: • Definitions – Skills, success, being a known, respected person, doing “good” for your organization, hunted by another? – Contribution: • How do you benefit the people/organization around you? How do you contribute by doing volunteer work? – Collaboration: • Work together; 1+1 > 2
  2. 2. Collaboration • A true open source ecosystem requires active engagement of the all of us (customer, developer, business, authorities, competitors, partners) also for maximum benefit • Collaboration is also about your work with the others – what do you share? What do you get from the other people? • WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU?
  3. 3. Success • Success: what is it? why do we need it? – Respect – Economical situation – Family – Career – Have done something that satisfies well yourself and others? Life In some way or another, some of you will be a decision makers one day. What will be China look like within 5, 10 years from now – in the international software market?
  4. 4. About you • Your expectations (top 3)? • How fast do you expect to switch between employers? • Do you think there is a way to become a management member of a company? – How would it happen? – Is that what you are looking after? • Is it so that this maybe isn’t the first choise? – there are other ways too! So let’s think about that for a while… » The Cycle >>
  5. 5. ! Contact information: Senior Partner: Jouko Hyppönen Email: