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OpenShift Origin Internals


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2013-04-14 Portland OpenShift Origin Community Day

OpenShift Origin Internals
Presenters: Bill DeCoste & Krishna Raman
In this talk. Bill and Krishna will dive deep into Origin's internals and architecture. Topics covered include a platform overview of the role Brokers and Cartridges play. An examination of system resources and application containers called "Gears" and "Nodes."

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OpenShift Origin Internals

  1. 1. OpenShift Community Day Internals Bill DeCoste Principal Software Engineer wdecoste@redhat.com1
  2. 2. RUNS ON IaaS OpenShift Origin is a PaaS that runs on top of..... Infrastructure Amazon EC2 Rackspace Bare Metal OpenStack RHEV VMWare2
  3. 3. BROKER An OpenShift Broker can manage multiple node hosts. Nodes are where User Applications live. Fedora/RHEL Fedora/RHEL Fedora/RHEL Brokers Node Node3
  4. 4. BROKER The Broker is responsible for state, DNS, and authentication.4
  5. 5. SELINUX SELinux Policies securely subdivide the Node instances. Fedora/RHEL Fedora/RHEL Brokers Node Node5
  6. 6. GEARS OpenShift GEARS represent secure containers in RHEL Fedora/RHEL Fedora/RHEL Brokers Node Node6
  7. 7. CARTRIDGES Web Console Eclipse IDE Cmd Line MYSQL JBOSS Fedora/RHEL Fedora/RHEL Brokers Node Node7
  8. 8. CARTRIDGES Java MySQL PHP Postgres CUSTOM Python Etc. Ruby Etc. OpenShift Default Cartridges8
  9. 9. SCALING HA-Proxy Code Code Code Java Java Java RHEL MySQL9
  10. 10. COMMUNICATION Communication from external clients occurs through the REST API The Broker then communicates through the messaging service to nodes10
  11. 11. HTTP FLOW11
  13. 13. Easy to install on Fedora 18● Using Vagrant and Puppet ● Also install on Fedora 17 ● Using kickstart ● source/13
  14. 14. GET INVOLVED! CHANNELS ● G+ Community ● E-Mail ● OpenShift Users: ● Origin Developers: ● IRC: ● OpenShift Users: #openshift ● Origin Developers: #openshift-dev14
  15. 15. GET INVOLVED! CHANNELS ● Forums ● Blogs http://cloud-mechanic.blogspot.com15
  16. 16. GET INVOLVED! OPENSOURCE ● GitHub: ● Origin: origin-server ● Internal Extensions: li ● OSE: enterprise-server ● Community Cartridges: origin-community-cartridges ● ● Quickstarts, Examples ● Watch, Star, Contribute!!!16