OpenShift Origin Community Day (Boston) DevOps @OpenShift Online by Adam Milleri


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Presenter: Adam Miller

As the Release Engineer and a member of Operations team for OpenShift Online, a downstream consumer of OpenShift Origin and the largest Public implementation of OpenShift to date, Adam Miller will discuss what it's like behind the scenes at and share lessons learned and bring his thoughts and feedback on the future direction of Origin.

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OpenShift Origin Community Day (Boston) DevOps @OpenShift Online by Adam Milleri

  1. 1 byOpenShift DevOpsFrom Origin to OnlineAdam MillerOpenShift Release EngineerBoston 2013
  2. 2 byFrom Origin to OnlineIn this session were going to discuss:- How OpenShift Online consumes Origin- How OpenShift Online contributes to Origin- How code goes from development environments toproduction.
  3. 3 byWhat is DevOps?“ a software development method that stressescommunication, collaboration and integration betweenDev and Ops” (paraphrased from Wikipedia)Devs Op and Ops Dev ... see what they did there?
  4. 4 byThe Flow of CodeoriginPublicCloudServiceOn-premiseor PrivateCloudSoftwareOpenSourceProject
  5. 5 byOpenShift Architecture – Contents of a DevEnv
  6. 6 byHow Jenkins Orchestrates DevEnv CreationJenkinsDevelopmentEnvironmentsBase AMI Clean OS Image(RHEL/Fedora)used to build ontop of.Register Image withEC2 to launchinstances to buildDevEnvs in JenkinsRegisterImage withEC2 to launchDevEnvs
  7. 7 byHow DenEnvs are BuiltJenkinsBase AMIAPI CallsCodeTest Resultsclone master branchLaunch instance oflatest Base AMIUse Base AMI tobuild new devenvSync code to devenv, buildrpms from source.Report Testresults, registerDevEnv AMIOpenShift Origin
  8. 8 byHow Development HappensJenkinsDevEnvCode (Local branchfrom GitHub)Sync codeRun Cucumber and raketests, get outputPullRequestOpenShift-botDevEnvOpenShift Origin
  9. 9 byHow Deployment Works in OpenShift OnlineStaging:Release Candidatecode deployed herefor final round of QAand sign off.Integration:Daily deploymentfrom RPM packagesets.Production:Production Codedeployed here,OpenShift.comOpenShift OriginMaster branch (where continued development happens)stageCode
  10. 10 byWhat The Environments Look likeBrokers NodesActiveMQLoad BalancersDNSDNSREST APIREST APISSOSSO
  11. 11 byThank You.Questions?Adam