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Presentation of EOS, the European OpenSees Association


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Authors: ​Giorgio Monti, Asif Usmani, Humberto Varum

Published in: Engineering
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Presentation of EOS, the European OpenSees Association

  1. 1. EOS European OpenSees  EOS – European OpenSees – is a non-profit international association  Officially founded and registered on January 1st, 2017  This is the official launch of EOS  EOS website launched soon
  2. 2. Primary Purposes of EOS  Encourage and promote the principles of structural engineering according to theories and techniques developed within the framework of international scientific research, with particular reference to OpenSees, developed at the University of Berkeley  Organize, promote and disseminate study and research activities, training, development, design, promotional and publishing initiatives and other initiatives designed to foster exchanges of experience both among members and with other scholars and institutions.
  3. 3. Activities of EOS Conferences and Courses  OpenSees Days, with biannual cadence  2017: 1st OpenSees Days Europe, Porto, June 19-20  2019: we accept proposals  OpenSees Courses  2017: Rome, Fuzhou, Nanjing  2018: we accept proposals
  4. 4. OS Course in Rome, February 2017
  5. 5. OS Courses in Fuzhou and Nanjing, July 2017
  6. 6. OS Courses in Fuzhou and Nanjing, July 2017
  7. 7. Activities of EOS Scientific Activities  E-books with examples  2018: first e-book will be issued on website  Contributions are welcome  Promotion of pre- and post-processors for both users and programmers  Video clip tutorials  Round robin numerical test on benchmark dynamic model  Objective: to assess error associated to software usage (n different users may obtain n different results)  Participations are welcome
  8. 8. Activities of EOS Prizes  Prize for blind prediction of dynamic response of circular hollow-section elements or CFT uniaxial with shear  EOS will propose an ASCE Special Issue with selected papers  Prize for most reliable RC shear-wall model  Competition launched soon
  9. 9. Members of EOS  Associate Members are divided into the following categories:  Founding Members  Honorary Members  Supporting Members.
  10. 10. Founding Members  Filip C. Filippou (President)  Asif Usmani (Vice President)  Giorgio Monti (Secretary)  Frank McKenna (Counselor)  Humberto Varum (Counselor)
  11. 11. Honorary Members  Honorary Members are individuals, associations andor institutions of any kind, who, for their demonstrated attention to the Association, are assigned each year that office by the Executive Council, subject to their acceptance  They are not bound to charges relating to membership fees, they are entitled to vote and are eligible for office.
  12. 12. Supporting Members  Supporting Members are individuals, associations andor institutions of any kind, who, by contributing financially or by carrying out activities on behalf of the Association, have supported its activities and its exploitation.  They are appointed annually by the Executive Council, they are entitled to vote and are eligible to the corporate offices and can assume charges assigned by the Executive Council.
  13. 13. Bodies of EOS  The Assembly of Members  All Associate Members  The Executive Council  President, Vice-President, Secretary General, Treasurer and Honorary Members, the Auditors  The Scientific Committee  Director + at least 2 Members
  14. 14. Becoming a Member of EOS  Those wishing to join EOS Association must submit an application for membership  Members acquire the right to participate in all the activities organized by EOS, and enjoy the benefits foresees for them  Admission to Associate Members in the various sub- divisions are decided by the Executive Council
  15. 15. Application Form  It will be sent to all participants to the 1st OpenSees Days Europe
  16. 16. You are welcome to join!