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OpenSAF and Alternative Solutions: How Does OpenSAF Complement Other Technologies Such as Virtualization 5.17.2011


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There are a number of emerging hardware and software technologies that impact the usage and designs of highly available systems. OpenSAF-based service availability middleware is very complementary to virtualization, multi-core and many other advanced hardware and software technologies. This session will explain the broader technology landscape and will educate on how high availability (HA) and service availability (SA) fit in.

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OpenSAF and Alternative Solutions: How Does OpenSAF Complement Other Technologies Such as Virtualization 5.17.2011

  1. 1. OpenSAF and alternate solutions: How doesOpenSAF complement other technologies such asvirtualization? Corey Minyard Carrier Grade Edition Architect MontaVista Software, LLC
  2. 2. Magic HA Dust Everyones goal: Free HA. Just write your application, use standard off-the-shelf hardware and libraries, and sprinkle magic HA dust on it. Nobody has found any magic HA dust. Nobody ever will.
  3. 3. Some Past Attempts Lockstep CPUs  Processors are no longer 100% deterministic Active-Active (State Machine) Replications  Need a method to bring replicas into sync  Processes must be 100% deterministic – hard with threads Process Memory Synchronization  High bandwidth  Lack of RT determinism But mostly... Data sync is only one small part of the problem
  4. 4. Virtualization Virtualization for HA is like Process Memory Synchronization. Nothing new. Shoveling all the bits from one machine to another is expensive. It is a useful tool, but like the others, only one part of the solution.
  5. 5. Besides Data Replication... H/W management System monitoring and predictive failure analysis Security IPC Locking Logging System configuration Availability management Software management Upgrade (live!) Post mortem ...etc
  6. 6. Why the Focus on Data Replication?  Self-contained, interesting, tractable  Seems to solve most of the problem  An easy distraction from all the other SA issues
  7. 7. OpenSAF  Provides many of the tools required for Service Availability  Portable, modular, holistic solutions  Provides levels of integration for applications
  8. 8. OpenSAF and VirtualizationNot an either-or, but an if-and: If virtualization is appropriate, then OpenSAF and virtualization may be used together for a more complete solution.Proxies can be used to integrate a virtual machine into the OpenSAF availability framework. Other parts of OpenSAF may be used inside the virtual machine as appropriate.
  9. 9. OpenSAF and VirtualizationOpenSAF Virtual Machine Proxy Application Component AMF For instance, a Proxy Component, which is SAF aware, can represent the virtual machine and the application running in it as a component. More complex systems may require more complex configurations using contained components and such. See the AMF spec for details.
  10. 10. Questions?