Financial services project Open Polytechnic


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Open Polytechnic financial advisor training combines the best of distance learning and technological innovation to deliver high quality education outcomes

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Financial services project Open Polytechnic

  1. 1. Responding to the upskillingneeds of the New ZealandFinancial Services sectorMay 2011
  2. 2. Open Polytechnic financial advisor trainingcombines the best of distance learning andtechnological innovation to deliver high qualityeducation outcomes.
  3. 3. Background• Changed regulation• Large scale national training need• Short timeframe• Need to maintain productivity• Cost-effectiveness important
  4. 4. The project• Blended distance flexible solution• 16 courses, 500 hours of learning• Print and interactive online resources• Online self-evaluation tool• Assessment only option• Contextualisation for large organisations
  5. 5. Rapid stepped development• Industry prioritisation of courses• Matching development plan• Rolling development and delivery• Accommodate changing regulatory environment• Faster timeframes than previously
  6. 6. Pedagogically robust high quality blend•  Online resources •  Multimedia case studies •  Online quizzes •  Podcasts •  Forums• Print resources• Rigorous moderation• Educational and industry experts•  Clarifies that staff cannot set up a website or social site that appears to be run by the Open
  7. 7. Real time automated assessments• Customised open source (Moodle)• Learners – instant feedback• Minimise costs• Link to student management system• Random categorised question banks• ‘Remember’ individuals’ questions• Helpdesk support
  8. 8. Online self-evaluation tool• Partnership• polytechnic• industry training organisation• software company• Assessment only option• National survey of competencies
  9. 9. Cost effectiveness• eLearning solution• Automated assessment• Distance economies of scale• Large numbers• Mass enrolments
  10. 10. Flexibility• Individual fit around work and family• Employer maintain productivity• Choice of number of courses• Choice of pace of study
  11. 11. Cross functional team• Senior managers• Project management• Learning design specialists• Academic and industry experts• Open source developers• Business development and marketing staff• Enrolments and support staff
  12. 12. Industry connection• Commercial model• Industry relationships• Contextualisation for large corporates• Disaggregation to meet specific needs
  13. 13. Sustainability• Long term view• Licensing to other tertiary providers• Contextualisation• Competitive full fee option• Relationship marketing• Quality solution
  14. 14. Conclusion Higher standard of financial advice to the New Zealand public