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OpenERP - Pentaho Integration, WillowIT


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Published in: Business, Technology
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OpenERP - Pentaho Integration, WillowIT

  1. 1. OpenERP-Pentaho Integration Presented by Jonathan Wilson WillowIT Pty Ltd Australia OpenERP Silver Partner & CTP
  2. 2. What is Pentaho?● Open source business analytics tools for business integration and business intelligence● Pentaho Reporting Project includes a report designer and report server● Written in Java● Commercial support● For this project we were only interested in the reporting capabilities of Pentaho● Business analytics and BI make Pentaho an ideal tool for the delivery of value-added services
  3. 3. Implementation - Designer Pentaho report designer Data access layer (JDBC etc) OpenERP object interfacePostgreSQL OpenERP Custom Objects method
  4. 4. Implementation – Run time OpenERP Custom module XML-RPC interface (java) Pentaho Report server Data access layer (JDBC etc) OpenERP object interfacePostgreSQL Custom OpenERP Objects method
  5. 5. Report Designer● Full featured report designer comparable to Jasper Reports iReports● Can be used by consultants with little or no OpenERP development skills● Reports can be run independently of OpenERP if required
  6. 6. Report Parameters● Reports can be designed with parameters, e.g. select records with particular start/end dates, or partner range etc...● Reports run via the designer with parameters will prompt the user for the parameter values● Our custom OpenERP Pentaho module will also prompt the user for these paramters within OpenERP using designer defaults● If no parameters are passed to an object based report then the selected object ids are passed
  7. 7. Security● Reports using JDBC will have security restrictions of selected database user● Reports using object interface will respect user access rights● Reports run via a custom method can use their own rules● Reports accessed via menus can have group security assignments
  8. 8. Demonstration● Designer – JDBC, Object and custom method access● Installing reports in OpenERP● Running reports in OpenERP – parameter prompting and report output type selection● Caveat: we are still in pre-beta mode!
  9. 9. Summary● We now have a report writer that is feature rich and well recognised● Easy to use by professionals and competent end-users● Output format can be selected at run-time● Report parameters can be defined at design time and prompted for at run-time within OpenERP● Requires no extra module installation to run reports – reports can be handed off to non-programmers and support consultants● Excellent tool for value-added services● Pentaho offers a full suite of professional tools for analytics and BI (Business Intelligence)
  10. 10. Project Stage● Pre-beta● Pentaho-OpenERP object data access layer will be a core part of Pentaho v4.0 due later this year (Pieter van der Merwe is a Pentaho contributor)● Currently only string, number and date-time type fields can be used as filters within OpenERP● WillowIT will bundle the bits together with doco after Pentaho V4 is released
  11. 11. AcknowledgementsPentaho – OpenERP data access layer (Java):Pieter van der Merwe, DeBortoli Wines, AustraliaPentaho XML-RPC layer (Java):Deepak Seshadri, WillowIT, AustraliaOpenERP Pentaho integration module:Richard deMeester, WillowIT, AustraliaNaN.tic Jasper OpenERP integration moduleInspiration:Me :-((