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OpenERP - Manufacturing Stimulation & planning with limited capacity, Objectif-Pi


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  • Thanks for the presentation. i have a question concerning to the BoM simulation.
    Imagine, i have a list of 100 products in my BoM. how can i simulate really if i have all the neccessary quantity each of 100 products in my stock.

    thank you in advance


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OpenERP - Manufacturing Stimulation & planning with limited capacity, Objectif-Pi

  1. 1. Manufacturing Simulationand planning with limited capacity 11/04/12
  2. 2. Agenda Presentation  Target  Principles  Phase1:Technical Data and Capacities  Presentation : Routing, Bill of materials, Capacities  DEMO  Phase2 : Simulation  Presentation  DEMO  Phase3 : Planned  Presentation  DEMO  Future development
  3. 3. Project target Simulate a customers request to get the delivery time, the production load according to hypothesis (stock delay, current load, stock level…) Manage Multi-Sites and Sub-contracting Plan make orders in function of :  Goods available  Capacity available  Simulation hypothesis Follow-up of the make order, purchases order, stock moves relative to a sale Order Semi-automatic scheduler able to be personalized for each customers request (production management by business)
  4. 4. Principle Routings Bill of materials Stock Customize Sales forecasts procurement rules Simulation Stock rules / customer requestsand supply method,.... VALIDATION PRODUCTION capacities Plan Scheduler Purchase OF/WO Stock Moves Purchase Order
  5. 5. Technical Data and Capacities Modification of technical data  Bill of materials  Generating BOM from BOM Template  Multi-Level Properties on BOM Template  BOM Status...  Routing  A BOM can have several routings  A routing can have several operations  DEMO Routing BOM N Routings N Operations N resources
  6. 6. Technical Data and Capacities  Operation  We can indicate the consumed products on each operation  Possibility to realize subcontracting operations  Subcontracting operations can consume services  Possibility to realize purchase order on consumed services  Management of intermediary products between operations  Addition yield on operation (Impact on consumed product)  One operation is validated on N production area  ...  DEMO
  7. 7. Technical data Resource  An operation may consume one or more resources (human, equipment, subcontracting)  A resource can use a tool which can modify equipment throughput New functions  Capacity  Capacity per period. (week/month)  Capacity Template  The Shuttles  Date  Place of departure  Route (succession of location)  Duration  DEMO
  8. 8. Simulation Step 1 : Product Configuration  Goal : Choose different options that we want for the product (using multi-level properties)  Generating the BOM in function of the properties DEMO Step 2 : Display the raw materials  In function of the given parameters, display  Stock level to date  Critical path  Delay  Modification of parameters  Procurement method  Supply method  … DEMO
  9. 9. Planning Step 3 : Operation Plan  Selection of capacity for each operation  Manual  Automatic Step 4: Validation  Creation of M.O and work-order  Creation of stock moves  Creation of purchase orders of raw materials and subcontracting  DEMO
  10. 10. Future development Cost by simulation  Estimated cost  Real Cost Substitution products Sampling and quality controls in routings ...
  11. 11. ConclusionsFor more information... Objectif PI Espace Bergès 38190 LANCEY