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OpenERP - Managing Delivery times with OpenERP, Akretion


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OpenERP - Managing Delivery times with OpenERP, Akretion

  1. 1. STOCK DELIVERY TIMES MANAGING DELIVERY TIMES WITH OPENERP OpenERP Community days Benoît GUILLOT April 12th, 2012 Consultant at AkretionProject hosted on :
  2. 2. Project perimeter● Client needs : Know and inform the customer of the delivery date ● before the sale ● during the sale if late ● after the sale for analysis● Focus on : – E-commerce companies – Delivering process for purchases and sales – Avoid the manufacturing part
  3. 3. Delivering process Purchase order Supplier Validation Sale order IncomingCustomer 56971236 No purchase part if product in stock Shipping Carrier
  4. 4. Delivering processIncoming from the Process the order and Shipping to the supplier handle the product customerSupplier lead time + Customer lead time + Delivery lead time
  5. 5. Current state Native in OpenERP :● Lead times : – Customer lead time => used – Supplier lead time => not used for shipping – No carrier lead time● Dates : – order date – date planned max – date planned min
  6. 6. Goals● Split the different lead times● Use the appropriate lead times considering the stock● Using the working days of : ● the supplier ● the company ● the carrier● Consider the futur incomings
  7. 7. Project architecture● Modules : stock_delivery_times_... ● working_days ● advanced ● manager ● reschedule ● same_date_planned ● delivery_date_on_move
  8. 8. _working_days● Calculate the product shortage in the sale order● Use the calendar of the company to consider the working days : ● open days in the week ● consider holidays and work free days
  9. 9. _working_days● Add calendar and delivery lead time for carrier
  10. 10. _advanced● Consider the supplier shortage : ● date when the supplier can send the product
  11. 11. _advanced● Wizard to change the date of availability of a product on incoming shipments: ● check if other incoming shipments are touch
  12. 12. _manager● Modify the native views to manage the delivery times
  13. 13. _manager● Modify the native views to manage the delivery times
  14. 14. _reschedule● Evaluate the late sale orders● Check incomings planned● Calculate the new delivery date
  15. 15. _same_date_planned and _delivery_date_on_move● 2 small modules● specifics fonctions for the customer● same_date_planned : – each move lines have the same date planned equal to the latest one● delivery_date_on_move : – the delivery date is attached also to each move lines
  16. 16. Roadmap● Use a different calendar to consider the working days of the supplier● Consider the next incomings to calculate the delivery date● Develop the process for manufacturing
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention