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OpenERP - Geoengine, Camtocamp


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OpenERP - Geoengine, Camtocamp

  1. 1. OpenERP GeoEngineOpenERP OpenDays 2012 Camptocamp / 13. avril 2011 / /
  2. 2. Maps areCOOL...
  3. 3. Why a new moduleActual tools only provide basic visualizationNothing to address complex GIS business spa tial ion ma oject r ke t in g re/pr spat ial t rack data aggregation ing spatial query n pu tatio om spatial catalogue clo ud/c g nd exin sim data goei pli valo fic ri ati satio on n ng al r outi ti spa
  4. 4. What is Geoengine A spatial layer on the top of OpenERP/OpenObject Geographic data management abstraction Layer A map/OpenLayer configurator A spatial information Mashup
  5. 5. What is GeoEngine: quicklook
  6. 6. What can we do with GeoEngine ? Manage spatial data Create spatial indicators Spatial relations between objects Track and visualize Developp and integrate Import export data (CSV/XML) And... View and query maps
  7. 7. What can we do with GeoEngine ? Add a new non relational link notion using new ORM and Query Feature Sneak peak
  8. 8. GeoEngine actuals modules base_geoengine: GeoEngine Core base_geoengine_demo: Technical demo geoengine_partner: Add map on addresses and Partner geoengine_geoname_geocoder: Automatically encode address using zip geoengine_sale: Add map on sale order + indicators
  9. 9. Discover GeoEngine Video Live demo Code and docs
  10. 10. UI Quick look Switch to map view On OFF Select layer(s) Activate Select layers View entity datas 10
  11. 11. UI Quick look Measure tools Get Distance Get Surface Navigation tools Pan Zoom 11
  12. 12. GeoEngine Demo Important Points At that time Object and fields need do do some code Indicators must be in view Internet connexion required
  13. 13. GeoEngine Future Edition Map Widget Spatial Map query Widget Spatial query field Follow OpenLayers (3D WebGL map, HTML 5 etc.) Complete documentation More geocoders
  14. 14. GeoEngine Future Integration into the core code of v7.0 (dixit Fabien ;-) ) Will simplify installation....
  15. 15. ContactCamptocamp SAPSE A – Parc Scientifique EPFL1015 Lausanne, SuisseCamptocamp France SASSavoie Technolac48 avenue du Lac du Bourget73372 Le Bourget du Lac, Francewww.camptocamp.comLuc Maurer, Directeur et co-fondateurTél : +41 21 619 10 12 (CH), +33 479 44 44 95 (FR)Mobile : +41 79 606 07 73E-mail : 15