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OpenERP - Payroll IntegrationFormatech


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OpenERP - Payroll IntegrationFormatech

  1. 1. 12th of April 2012 Payroll Integration A new approach of theHuman Resources management Karl Vas 17/04/2012
  2. 2. Human Resources Management
  4. 4. New offer HR Management The perfect combinationThe power and the The flexibility and thereliability of the calculation technology of the modulesengine and interfacing of and user interfaces ofForHRM, the payroll solution OpenERPof FormaTech
  5. 5. Joint approach : HR Management & Payroll Positions Upload of the working The common bases of the two solutions hours dataCandidatures The synergies between the 2 Calculation from Gross solutions work around 3 axes : to NetPersonal file • Identification sheet • Functionalities Reports • InfrastructureCompetences Evaluations in order to optimize the essential activities in the flows Transactions to third of the human resources parties Trainings management.Careers and Transfers to theframework accounting / finance
  6. 6. The 4 stages the payroll administration HRM Added value Composition of Differenciator the remuneration Payroll calculation Heart of = the offer Transactions to third parties Added value BI & services Differenciator HRM
  7. 7. FormaTech: Who are we? FormaTech is a Brussels-based company, editing software solutions and specialized in the payroll management of workers in Belgium. 1982: Company for development and integration created by Claude Glowacki (Doctor of Science, ULB) 1995: Active in the area of the payroll software since the takeover of the activities of a specialized editor. 2003: Project management, f.ex. the re-engeering of the backoffice of PARTENA SSE, in JAVA, with web server for on-line calculation of pays for the clients (Web-Salary project) 2008: Takeover by the social secretariat with the aim to renew its payroll applications. 2011: Return on the market with ForHRM V3.
  8. 8. ForHRM: Payroll software •Composition of the remuneration •Calculation of the pay •Transactions for Third parties (NOSS, Taxes, Payslip, …) • Reporting, support and annex services • HR management modules (integration OpenERP) More than 340 employers/ 11.000 employees (except UCM)FormaTech is a Brussels-basedcompany, editing software solutions Top References: UCM Social secretariat, Materneand specialized in the internal payroll Confilux, SmartBE, Boomerang, of workers in Belgium.
  9. 9. References
  10. 10. Ambition What are we doing and why ?FormaTech offers to organisations the possibility to :• Save money by reducing the operational costs linkedto the workers’ wages• React faster by a 100% internal and custom-tailoredcontrol of the whole payroll management• Be efficient through the automation of the regularlegal obligations (Dimona, DMFA, Belcotax,...),• Save time and avoid mistakes by integrating thesemanagement processflow in the internal processes viainterfaces or by the creation of workflows• Have a tool at their disposal for the analysis of theperformances and the specific management of the HRdepartment
  11. 11. Clients For whom do we do it?FormaTech : Widening of the offer and the markets Putting at Treatment Responsibility disposal Result Social Service Secretariat Process Products providers EDITEURS SOFTWARE Complementarities & Software connectors Services
  12. 12. ForHRM: a custom-tailored solution ForHRM is the evolving software solution of FormaTech based on modern technologies (Java, SOA, ORACLE …) facilitating its integration in the most various environments. ForHRM can be deployed on : • small mono-station configurations (Company, Fiduciary, small administration), • batteries of servers (Large Company, Social Secretariat, City), allowing the monthly treatment of tens of thousands of pays and the issues of legal documents.
  13. 13. ForHRM: Management of the remunerations ForHRM covers the 4 functional axis of the administrative management of human resources. 1. Composition of remuneration: Identification sheet, measures and natures of the performances, application of the HR policy and strategy, optimization = Composition of the Gross 2. Calculation of the pay: Follow-up and legal updates, Joint Committees, simulation, ergonomics, mass modifications, personalization = from the Gross to the Net 3. Transactions to third parties: Editing and transmission of documents and information relating to the pays to the third parties (ONSS, Tax department, Workers, meal vouchers,…) 4. Reporting, Support and Services: Analysis of performance, of conformity, information management, operational and legal assistance.
  14. 14. ForHRM: Control• Legal and sectoral compliance thanks to the automated calculations for the specific characteristics of the Joint Committees (scales, interpretation of the diseases, various sectoral bonuses, Christmas bonuses,…) or of the sectors such as the APL or the Public.• The easy and regular update, for legal maintenance (modification of the rates, the scales, the rules of calculation, the new regulations and legal constraints).• The flexibility of the data structure allowing to quickly meet the new legal needs or personalization for the customer.
  15. 15. ForHRM: Optimalisation • The automatic management of all the electronic data flows (XML) related to e-government (Dimona, DMFA, Belcotax, DRS,...) • The integration interface for the links with external software (ERP, HRM) and of export towards databases (business intelligence). • The simplification of the production of original and rectifying pay slips by the complete historization of the data for the regularizations and simulations. • The refined management of the analytical Accountancy entries, in 5 axis.
  16. 16. ForHRM: Efficiency• The user-friendliness of treeview (Explorer-like) andthe assistance of wizards guiding and permanentlycontrolling the data entry.• The calculation and the production in real time ofpay slips and social documents in pdf format.• The possibility to operate in a multi-employers,multi-contracts environment and in 4 languages (Fr,Nl, En, De) on the level of the production of thedocuments, as well as the different interfaces.
  17. 17. ForHRM: Security & Access With regards to safety and access to the data, ForHRM is controlled by means of a user name and its password. Both keys : • open the access to one or more companies and, within one company, to a whole of employees, selected on the basis of more or less complex criteria • determine the authorised functions (on-line calculation of the salaries, ...) • can prohibit the access to certain data, certain functionalities.
  18. 18. ForHRM: Automation Amongst all the possibilities of automation we mention: The generation of pay codes through the interpretation of the employee’s social situation, without requiring an in-depth knowledge of the Belgian legislation, Recovery of the amounts of holiday certificates and the calculation of double holiday pays during the course of the holidays, Calculation of holiday pays and exit certificates, The management of seizures and undue amounts, Management of compulsory employment declarations (DIMONA), Management of the original and rectifying NOSS - DMFA declarations, Management of the DSR, The creation of custom-tailored workflows allowing the automation of the procedures,…
  19. 19. ForHRM: Support and Services Our solution : ForHRM + SERVICES « à la carte »: •Support and Assistance •Legal follow-up •Trainings •In-House administrator, Audit and Consultancy •Assistance regarding social legislation A custom-tailored coaching in collaboration with the services of the UCM Social secretariat.
  20. 20. Process and Software : HR administration • Employees (ForHRM) Shared • Activities (planning software) identification • HR management (OpenERP) sheets •Wage scales Identification •Joint committee sheets pay Indiv. files Position Evaluations Candidatures Acts carreer Trainings Competences Competences Absences •Extensive •Type, sessions identification sheet •Plan of evaluation •Automatic creation •Catalogue •Document •Forms•Management of on the basis of E- •Enlistment management •Reportsthe positions mail •Management of •History of the •Management of•Flow charts • Management of the meetings careers competences the candidates •Management of •Management of Contracts the rooms the holidays
  21. 21. Process and Software : Administration of the payroll •Employees (ForHRM) Shared •Activities (planning software) identification • HR management (OpenERP) sheets Payroll •Wage scales Identification •Joint Committee sheets Uploading of Calculation Transaction Transfer to the the working from Gross to Reports to the accounting time data Net institutions •Determination of •Pay slip •Excel file •E-Gov declarations •Analytical the Gross •Statistics of•Planning software •Belcotax files Accountancy on 5 •Calculation of the performance•Interface validation •Isabel files axis reductions / •Accountingcontrols •274 files •Personalized deductions accordance•Planning •Calculation Tax on accounting plan •Individual account•Display of the data Wages •Listing withholding•Holidays /diseases •Calculation of tax reduction amounts due NOSS •Report of •Extra-legal absenteeism advantages
  22. 22. ForHRM - OpenERPImport / Synchronization: Synchronization (Webservice, xml,…)
  23. 23. New offer HR management A new positioning allowing us Effectiveness and evolutionary
  24. 24. Karl VAS Sales ManagerGSM: +32 (0)2 495 36 17 01Tel: +32 (0)2 675 08 41Email: