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OpenERP - Invoice Processing, Elastoffice


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OpenERP - Invoice Processing, Elastoffice

  1. 1. A unique approach:Document as the „Trojan horse” of selling ERPInvoice processing with Elastoffice’s docMONITOR moduleKrisztian TaivainenElastoffice AG / Elastoffice Hungary – General Manager
  2. 2. Today ERP & DMSare two different worlds
  3. 3. Elastoffice analyzed the ERP world What are the functions where an ERP is excellent? In transactions management, where it needs to handlecomplex relationships among small data content in high transaction numbers. What functions are missing from an ERP system?Handling documents (large binary objects) and version controls of documentsplus supporting complex, sophisticated access rights. A communication that is archived, visible to management and in itself independent from the individuals. Why an ERP does not provide enough control over the enterprise? ERP normally handles financial consequences but business processes are mainly handled by DMS. These documents are mostly invisible from ERP, although they contain critical information.
  4. 4. Elastoffice created the smart solutionThe native integration ofElastoffice and OpenERP solves the problem! The result is a new: “All-in-one Business Application Framework”
  5. 5. Switzerland – Elastoffice HQ 11:05 - 02 December 2011 A new document (supplier invoice from OpenERP SA) is received by traditional postal service in D4 Business Center in Luzern, located in Switzerland, the HQ of Elastoffice AG. Daniela digitizes the document using the Elastoffice Scan&Go! software. The digital image of the document is sent to the Inbox of docMONITOR, using Elastoffice Sign&Send.SSL
  6. 6. Romania – Tirgu Mures 1601 km 13:25 - 02 December 2011 Filing processIren, member of the Elastoffice Filing Team, files the document based on the scanned PDFimage. Enters all meta-data such as category, partner, dates, amount, etc.The system automatically sets the next responsible person according to the presetwork-flow, who – in this case – is a member of Elastoffice AG Management.
  7. 7. Hungary – Budapest 1037 km 22:54 - 14 December 2011 Approves with a condition as commentLaszlo, a member of Elastoffice AG Management, conditionally accepts the invoicewith the comment: “Please check the agreement before payment”.With the acceptance a Draft Supplier Invoice in OpenERP is automaticallygenerated.
  8. 8. Romania – Tirgu Mures 1601 km 09:44 - 15 December 2011 Checks invoice, initiates wire paymentAttila, a member of Elastoffice Management, receives a notification from theeoServer. He double-checks the invoice and the current agreement, then initiatesthe payment process by wire with a short comment to document the transaction.Next: Finance and Accounting department gets notified by the eoServer for finaldisposition.
  9. 9. Hungary – Budapest 1037 km 15:05 - 16 December 2011 Creating the accounting transactions in OpenERPKrisztian, a member of Elastoffice Finance and Accounting, is notified by theeoServer. He creates the accounting transactions, handles the bank reconciliationand archives the document.Supplier Invoice processing has been completed accurately and on-time.
  10. 10. Document as the „Trojan horse” of selling ERP• By putting documents in focus we can offer a much more understandable system• Visible and immediate results at the beginning of the implementation• First step implementation is in days• Sales benefit for partners: • Elastoffice can support OpenERP Partners directly • Easy-to-learn methodology • Can support individual needs
  11. 11. Thank you!