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OpenERP - Best marketing ideas for partners


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OpenERP - Best marketing ideas for partners

  1. 1. Marketing Best Practices for Partners FABRICE HENRION
  2. 2. Marketing is different in the OpenERP world You dont sell the same as proprietary ERP integrators: you sell services, not code. Blue ocean strategy: You cannot compete against a proprietary ERP integrator by following his rules; you will lose because he can invest more during pre- sale (whether it is in sales or in development) because his ROI on code is x times higher than yours. To win, you have to play differently. It is not harder, it is different. Avoid the big mistake: Dont develop before selling.
  3. 3. 4 Rules1. Content generates leads2. Multi-channel communication3. Communicate on achievement4. Leverage the OpenERP brand
  4. 4. Rule #1: Content generates leads 4Best partners websites have a lot of visitors: 63k new visits/month(21%), Forum: 57k new visits/month (20%)Quality – Interesting Content: Singer Use Case: ( – 500 views/months Pragtechs OpenERP vs Openbravo: Smile’s Whitepaper: 5 prospects phone calls/day, 6 months after launch!
  5. 5. Rule #1: Content generates leads 5Integrate our content automatically: Customer feedback on Twitter: Integrate our planet in your website through RSSPost content to your website: Copy/paste our content Publish all your documentsConvert visitors into leads: Content must be public to attract visitors 1 page should do lead generation, all public pages must link to that oneLead generation: Contact form to download content Slideshare Pro accounts allows lead generation on content
  6. 6. Rule #2: Multi-channel communication 6Create accounts for your company on: Facebook page (not group), Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Youtube Connect all these accounts together using their plugins When you post on twitter, it is posted on all othersCommunicate your achievements on your blog All your twitter messages should link to one of your blog posts Your blog pages should contain banners to your leads acquisition page in the side columnExample: 1 blog post/month and 2 twitter posts/daybrings you 2,400 visits/month (stat:
  7. 7. Rule #3: Communicate on achievements 7Who are the most famous partners? Those onesHow to be famous? Publish all your developments on Launchpad Register your LP branch on Create a blog post for every new module Set up automatic information diffusion: register your branches on OpenERP Apps, register your blog on OpenERP Planet (info in the partner portal) Organize webinars to demonstrate your modules Announce your achievements and diffuse using (180 EUR)
  8. 8. Rule #4: Benefit from the OpenERP brand 8Use the OpenERP momentum and brand: The OpenERP logo is famous. Put it on your business cards and brochures. Place the OpenERP logo on your homepage. Don’t forget people get convinced on a product before buying services: communicate mostly on the product, not on your services. Write a meaningful partner description on that has an impact “Since I am visible on the website, I get 2 prospect calls per day.” –MapControl, Cristhian Pires, CTO
  9. 9. Case Study: The eBay Connector with Bista SolutionsArticle on partners blog (will be used to refer everything backto the partner)Article on OpenERP Planet, links to original article on partnersblog (ask your account manager)Article on OpenERP Blog, with link to partners blog (ask youraccount manager)Video on youtubeModule available on launchpad and referenced onapps.openerp.comSearch relevant forum threads about the topic to announceyour solution is available (dont forget to display a signature,link to your article, and provide a clear way of contacting you)
  10. 10. Case Study: The eBay Connector with Bista Solutions (cont’d)MarketWire campaign to blast google news.Webinars of a demo of the module, advertized on ourevents page Get all the leadsCommunication through your and our social channels:twitter, facebook, linkedinTalk with your Account Manager, he will help youorganize this because it is also in his/our interest.
  11. 11. It works!Google "OpenERP eBay" First resultGoogle "open source ERP eBay" 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th resultsGoogle "ERP eBay" 3rd, 5th, 7th results !!
  12. 12. It works! (cont’d)Top contributors are overwhelmed with demand.On Apps: CamptoCamp: 133, vauxoo: 80, akretion: 76,avanzosc: 74, zikzakmedia: 73, NaN-tic: 70, agileBG &Domsense: 51, pexego: 44, Marco Dieckhoff: 40, Savoir-Faire Linux: 27Before even finishing all the action items mentionedpreviously, Bista Solutions already had spontaneousdemand knocking on their door.
  13. 13. “Community Days” TricksDuring these Community Days, the topic was broughtspontaneously: Savoir-Faire Linux tips: Release modules open source Specify your website in your launchpad name Specify your website in your forum signature Specify your website in your modules’ code …and with only one static OpenERP page on their website Vauxoo tips: Automatic social messages on achievements. Eg: Tweet on every branch revision of l10n-mx
  14. 14. Why releasing your modules to the publicCounter-intuitive at first, but more effective business-wisebecause otherwise: Nobody knows you have a great module. You need an R&D budget superior to the rest of the world or the community will do better. Free feedbacks, free bug reports, free improvements – lowers the costs, you can leverage it with your customers + sales opportunity. If you need us to upgrade, we are legally allowed to release it. Your customers can do it independently from you: AGPL prevents proprietary scheme.
  15. 15. Thank you