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Odoo - Lead generation and conversion


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Odoo - Lead generation and conversion

  1. 1. Lead Generation & conversion Alexandre Vandermeersch
  2. 2. B2B Marketing is hard…
  3. 3. …Even to know where to start
  4. 4. 1 Let’s cut it into pieces A framework 2 Get awareness 3 Get evaluated 4 Build the loyalty loop
  5. 5. A new framework1
  6. 6. 1. The ‘old’ marketing framework
  7. 7. 1. The Customer Decision Journey
  8. 8. 2 Get in the ICS – should you ?
  9. 9. 1 The power of a brand People remember only 3 or 4 names, for a specific issue – yours? 2 In B2C, a brand present in the ICS has typically 3 or 4 more times chances to win the purchase 3 But you can waste a lot of money – be careful, as ROI of ‘brand awareness’ is not easily measured 4 You might reach a threshold in your growth if you don’t do it – which might be fine
  10. 10. Few specific levers o PR : it’s like viral marketing - invest a little, try always, forgotten quickly. But it’s good for SEO o Display advertising: turn it into performance-based (e.g. Criteo), or make sure you’re straight on target o Webinars: make them content-rich (no just sales pitches) & find media partners to promote o Real events: small & regular, plus possibly a larger event once a year (use Odoo events!)
  11. 11. 3Get evaluated & convert
  12. 12. Get found by people searching o Search Engine Marketing (Optimization + Advertising): o Great SEO o Smart SEA o Fairs & Exhibitions o Good conferences o Well located spots
  13. 13. SEO Odoo tip: ‘Promote tool’
  14. 14. SEA tips o Start small o Don’t use ‘broad keywords’, discard keywords if they are not used by likely prospects o Track conversions in Ad Words AND Analytics o Check & improve every week or so: cut, add, correct
  15. 15. If you don’t sell, at least engage o Get them on your newsletter or mailing lists o Follow them on Social media and ask for followership: o Linkedin o Twitter o Facebook o Get them to try a tool or download a newspaper o Make them ask a question (live chat, contact forms, forum…)
  16. 16. 4Build the Loyalty Loop
  17. 17. Amplify
  18. 18. How we can/will help partners o Support you for your events (publish on our site, get attendees) o Organize some events with you o Grow key events like OpenDays o Give visibility on Websites o Build marketing material o Competitive analysis o Business cases o Customer references o Testimonials o Collaterals o Give you more leads through our central lead acquisition o …What else ?
  19. 19. But your best marketing remains: your customers
  20. 20. Odoo +32 (0) 2 290 34 90 R&D and services office Chaussée de Namur 40 B-1367 Grand Rosière Sales office Avenue Van Nieuwenhuyse 5 B-1160 Brussels Thank You Send your input at