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A presentation on Open Nepal.

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On intro presentation - Victoia Room

  1. 1. 1Open Nepal
  2. 2. http://opennepal.net2
  3. 3. http://opennepal.netTo achieve this we need...Open dataIntermediariesInformation usersEcosystem Tools Capacity3
  4. 4. http://opennepal.netOpen Nepal is...A collaborative platform to promote theavailability of better data and providetools, skills and support to help those in thedevelopment ecosystem to access, analyseand use data for more inclusive and effectivedevelopment4
  5. 5. http://opennepal.net 5
  6. 6. http://opennepal.net 6
  7. 7. http://opennepal.netOverview of NFN• National NGO Platform / NationalFederation of NGOs in Nepal - establishedin 1991• A leading Civil Society Organization inNepal with 5584 member NGOs• 75 District Chapters, 5 RegionalCommittees and a Central WorkingCommittee7Defendrights &autonomyof NGOsCapacitydevelopmentof memberorganizationsAdvocacyand lobbyon publicissues andconcernsDefendhumanrights, democracy andindividualfreedomExpand thespaces ofNGOs inpolicymaking
  8. 8. http://opennepal.netCore Functions• Defend rights and autonomy of NGOs• Capacity development of memberorganizations• Advocacy and lobby on public issues andconcerns• Defend human rights, democracy andindividual freedom• Expand the spaces of NGOs in policy making8
  9. 9. http://opennepal.netOpen data for development effectiveness• To contribute to transparency, accountability, effectiveservice delivery and better results of developmentefforts• To enhance access to information anddata, information and data based planning, evidencebased advocacy and development efforts• To assess the contribution of NGOs in nationaldevelopment• For coordination of development efforts, avoidingduplication and overlaps, equitable distribution ofresources, looking into off-budget aid and its results9
  10. 10. http://opennepal.netWhat we hope to achieve?• Establish database and portal of NGO Federationmembers and other NGOs, feeding in data to OpenNepal Portal—aid, areas, sectors, results• Awareness building: open data, access, use, results—increasing demand and use• Establishing links and collaboration withstakeholders: AMP, SWC, World Bank, and other onlineinitiatives; localizing Open Nepal portal• Promote transparency, accountability, effectivenessand credibility of NGOs through open data10
  11. 11. http://opennepal.netWhat we hope to achieve?• Capacity of the NGOs enhanced in accessing theinformation on aid, analyzing data andinformation and using it for advocacy• Facilitate dialogues among stakeholders on aidtransparency, aid effectiveness, developmenteffectiveness, and good governance• Develop NFN as an information intermediaryhelping to make information on resourcesaccessible to NGOs• Build and deliver skills and tools for data andbudget analysis, evidence based advocacy11
  12. 12. Overview of Freedom Forum12Causes:social accountabilitydemocracyhuman rightsFocus:pressfreedomfreedom ofexpressionRTIWorks through:researchcapacity buildingevidence-basedadvocacymedia mobilizationcampaignprogrammeimplementationFreedom Forum is an independent civil societyorganization incepted in 2005...Current work: public finance management, budget openness, aidgovernance, political and parliamentary accountability and electoralreform
  13. 13. http://opennepal.netFreedom Forum and Open Nepal• Aid transparency is central to the country likeNepal which is heavily dependent on foreign aidand grants• Freedom Forum wants to contribute to promoteaid transparency by improving the availability andaccessibility of information about aid resources inNepal• Similarly, our hand-on experience on budgetsurvey and advocacy has provided us impetus toexpand the work on open data and aidtransparency that we call Open Nepal Initiative13
  14. 14. http://opennepal.netFreedom Forum - lessons14
  15. 15. http://opennepal.netFreedom Forum work on OpenNepal• Work to strengthen capacity of economic-beatjournalists and parliamentarian secretariatemployees to make them able to use, analyseand impart aid information as intermediaries• Reaching out to citizen for increasing theirawareness level on ATA issues through budget/aidliteracy programme, booklets and radioprogrammes will be our another key area forintervention of the initiative• Research on impact of open data in Nepal as partof international ODDC project15
  16. 16. http://opennepal.netObjectives for Freedom Forum• Data-driven journalism help to support themedia and parliamentary support staff as acatalyst to promote open, transparent andaccountable governance in country• Understand, document and share the impactsof open data and lessons learned from OpenNepal work16