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OpenNebula 5.0 Highlights - Rubén S. Montero


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OpenNebula TechDay Kuala Lumpur, MY, 17 Feb 2016

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OpenNebula 5.0 Highlights - Rubén S. Montero

  1. 1. OpenNebula 5.0 Highlights Ruben S. Montero OpenNebula Chief Architect Techday Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 17 February 2016
  2. 2. The Road to 5.0 ● Evolution result after 8 years + ~80 releases. ● 5.x series goal ○ Keep project vision and KISS adherence ○ Improve usability and refine current feature set ○ As much as possible, don’t break compatibility ○ Less used components to the add-on catalog
  3. 3. Some Highlights... ● User Interface ○ Improve input fields & views in Sunstone ● Virtual Network: ○ Security groups ○ Virtual routers* ● Storage ○ Ceph as system Datastore & tunning ○ Integrated Marketplace* ○ Better LVM backend and new iSCSI ● Virtualization ○ Make possible more operations across VM states ○ Guest-Context improvements * Discussed in this talk
  4. 4. OpenNebula Network Model: View Hyper. Hyper. Hyper. Hyper. Virtual Network VM VM VM VM Datacenter Network ● Leaf-Spine switched or routed backbone ● Not controlled by OpenNebula ● Usually just few TOR switches Virtual switches Virtual Network
  5. 5. OpenNebula Network Model: “built-in SDN” Provide a central point to define, consume and set up Virtual Networks for Virtual Machines XML-RPC API OpenNebula daemon Infrastructure Drivers Northbound Interface ● Virtual Network abstract management ● Lease addresses to VMs ● Reserve addresses for users or groups Network Stack Southbound Interface ● Uniform interface to interface network elements ● Specialized for VM Networking
  6. 6. Northbound Interface Logical Attributes Addresses Space (multiple, disjoint ranges) ● IPv4 ● IPv6 (Global & ULA) ● Ethernet - MAC addresses Security Groups ● Managed as a separate entity ● Inbound & Outbound, TCP/UDP/ICMP Custom Tags Configuration & Physical Attributes ● Network specific (e.g. BRIDGE, VLAN_ID) ● VM Context (e.g. DNS, GATEWAY) VirtualNetworkDefinition
  7. 7. Southbound Interface Three-phase setup ● pre, post and clean right before, after VM boot and shutdown ● It considers live-migrations OpenNebula Network Drivers OpenvSwtich VMware DSwtich Linux Bridge 802.1Q Flat Security Group* iptables rules VXLAN ebtables Flat VLAN Flat Dynamic NFV Virtual Router* * [Virtual Router] New in 5.0! * [Security Group] Propagate updates to running VMs
  8. 8. Virtual Routers Demonstration Virtual Router Virtual Router Virtual Router VR cluster Virtual NetworkVirtual Network ● Alpine Linux ● Link any VLAN network ● HA configuration ● Support for reconfiguration ● First class management entity ● Sunstone specialized views ● New CLI for vrouters ● Can be configured per VDC * * Future plans to expose an OpenFlow interface to be controlled by SDN
  9. 9. ● Share as less as possible ● Tolerate big lattencies ● Reduce coupling by sharing just: User & Auth information ● Federation of identities Federation: Overview Multimaster replication Shared tables across zones Sunstone OpenNebula Infrastructure XML-RPC API OpenNebula Infrastructure XML-RPC API DBDB
  10. 10. º º Federation: Marketplace oned export image S3 - http Datastores * * Market storage (optional) º oned Datastores download image S3 - http external marketplaces download to desktop Marketplace zone zone How can we share zone contents?
  11. 11. Federation: Marketplace Demonstration ● Totally integrated, multiple uses cases, e.g. ○ Setup market for some groups ○ Set access control to appliances ● 5.0 shipped with two backends ○ Web server, using http transport to move images ○ S3 object store through Ceph S3 gateway ○ Public OpenNebula marketplace (client-only) ● Follows OpenNebula architecture: ○ Datastore specific operations ○ MarketPlace specific drivers ● Future plans to add more external drivers
  12. 12. THANKS! Techday Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, 17 February 2016